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Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Gossamer Wings

So at 8:15 in the evening, my dining room table still looked like this.
Savannah had a vision, but a little hesitance to follow her brothers 
in this little in-house design war.
 But after hauling out fabric remnants, tumbled gems, fairy statues,
and a small tabletop fountain, the gears made contact.

 Dig out the fake moss rocks.
Owning real ones would be weird.
 Some classy plastic greenery from that decorating Mecca,
The Dollar Tree.
 Forest green plush material left over from many a woodland elf tunic.
The strange part is, we aren't talking Halloween costumes.
 We elevated our battery operated fountain slightly with an overturned 
plant saucer turned coaster and got that going.
 It not only has motion and a soothing water sound, but there's lighting!
 A little careful placement...
 ...and we're starting to get a Lord of the Rings meets Tinkerbell thing going.

I actually really loved what she did. 
 It was almost a metaphor...
 ...watching her change from childhood...
 ...okay, maybe not THIS, but you get what I mean.
I bought her this, by the way, so no, I'm not in shock.
 We nestled in a geode gleaned on a science field trip.

 It's surprising what can be a candle holder, huh?
I'm sorry, what?
You don't have a shopping bag of mannequin hands under your buffet?
Well that's a little odd, don't you think?

For the most part, this would be great as the centerpiece for a fairy birthday.
It has a lot more magic to it than flat cardboard that unfolds to stand
all wobbly with a neon winged chick printed on it in China.

 I think our focal point black fairy is wearing a lot more than Ariel did anyway.
 Please note that no expense was spared on the white backdrop.
 You guys are totally worth two $1 sheets of foam core board.
 I think Mom will like this better than the dragon skull.
She kept staring at that while she ate.

 So you've had three slices of Minion mind.
 What were you most identifying with?

 Or do you think we should lock our door at night?
The thing I loved is watching their thought processes.
None of these were the usual centerpieces they'll put together.
These were a lot more over the top, and even I was caught off guard.

Samwow said he wanted you to feel his love of gaming and fantasy,
which spills over into the movies he makes and
the comics he writes.

Thom's thought process? "Well, I wanted to do something with the chess pieces
 Sam supplied me with, thus, I made it a little sports-esque.
 I used the glass chess pieces for class, and the pieces on the pedestal represented
the leaders of two nations and their advisors acting as spectators."

What was Savannah trying to say?
"I think honestly what happened was we started with one idea, then as it went more ideas started appearing, then it just snowballed horribly out of control."

Savannah also shared that she felt it needed to be special because everything I do
or make turns out perfectly.

Which means I now have everyone fooled.


Della said...

A girls perspective is much different than boys. I think it's cool that they have the imagination to come up with these cool, over the top centerpieces! So many kids today just have no imagination whatsoever. I applaud the Minions!!!!

Michelle L. said...

Love this, Vannah and Sunny! Dark yet dreamy. Spooky girl power. I think the coolest thing in this scape is the mannequin hand. I am now officially jealous - you have a bag full of them?!