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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going Shopping

 Last week, on your favorite TV show, Life in Rehab Going Shopping,
The Redhead and her Minions picked up an assortment of odd
materials to make things out of.
That will not be the case today;
the show is going to try a surprising plot twist!
 Lace up those shoppin' shoes and come with us!
First, we'll need a villain.
Enter the bad guy.
Boo. Hiss. 
(Notice the unexpected use of white for the heavy.)
 The crime?
Popsicles that don't sicle.
 And of the three stages of water, I don't think liquid
is the kind you expect in an ice tray.
And what's with the ice trays in the first place???
This thing has an icemaker I should turn into a planter.

Who will save us?
Who will pull us from the tepid darkness?
 An owl, perhaps?

 Coming to our rescue was the Dean Winchester of the appliance world.
Black, imposing, a little rough around the edges,
his mysterious visage was underscored by features like an Energy Star rating.
I like bad boys, but I'm still practical.
 Oh, baby.
At that price, we were meant for each other.
I gazed deeply into his sleek crushed-ice-through-the-door, mesmerized,
and whispered in a husky voice,
"Is that the best you can do on the price?
What kind of standard manufacturer's warrantee does he 
I mean IT come with?"
 This guy got "The Blog Lady" an additional $70 off!
Dwight was rather camera shy, but
25.0 cubic feet of cold food and solid ice for $727?
Yes please!
 Savannah sank into Dean's embrace.
Hey, it holds a teenager, that's a good sign!
So Dean is coming to the rescue on Sunday, and we'll be
thrilled to have him make himself at home.
He won't be in time to save Samwow's birthday party ice cream cake,
but someone always dies in a horror movie, right?
Will the ice freeze?
Will the fish stay fresh?
Will the strawberries stop getting fuzzy?
Will I do inappropriate things to Dean when no one is around?
How will it all turn out?
Tune in next week for the answers to this and other musical questions!
For now...
Went to Home Depot, got a Fridge.
We're back.
Unless I can't figure out how to connect the water line, 
no need to avenge death.
This time.


Vannah (the one and only) said...

Congratulations, Mom, I'm going to refer to the fridge as 'Dean' now and it's going to get really weird really fast.
And congratulations on naming something Dean and including my half-hearted Cas impression all in the same post. This family needs to slow down on the Supernatural...

Life in Rehab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Life in Rehab said...

Slow down? I'm on line right now seeing if they make a leather jacket in size 25.0 cubic feet! I'll dig out my old Kansas album, help me get this thing into the Impala...

Vannah (professional Dean girl) said...

Fine, fine. At least we're not naming it Sam. A) then there'd just be one Sam too many in the house, B) things don't seem to go well for women involved with Sam Winchester...

omg we should make a Samulet magnet to go on the fridge. (

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I just had to get a new dishwasher.....I don't think I had near as much fun doing it as you guys did getting this fridge! I didn't even name her, but I will now. Thanks for the morning laugh and enjoy your new guy!

Michelle L. said...

1. I love you
2. Too much funny for one post
3. Dean is gorgeous and Vannah ought to whip out the sewing machine and find a vinyl tablecloth to make the black leather jacket
4. Are you really 'the blog lady' at Home Depot? Cool! I am 'that strange woman who buys random little things that no one else ever buys and wheels a Bagel Hound around in her cart'
5. Now, some freezer recipes, please

mousee23 said...

I've been not in blog land for awhile.I missed hearing about your family. said...

Dean is gorgeous and a welcome addition, I'm sure!