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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Wicked Witch of the Mess

 It was a spooky night...
 ...the full moon heralded the horrors that awaited...
 ...we waited, breathless with fear...
 ...knowing that any moment, the unthinkable would happen...
...I would squeeze into a corset!!!
Join us for a little camera dump as we show you evidence that revelry did in fact occur.

 After that, we moved on to the kitchen, where I became
The Wicked Witch of the Mess!
 (Cheesy Wiener Roll Ups)
 (Vegetarian Cheesy Wiener Roll Ups)

 Tiny bundt cakes were taken to the lab and horribly transformed...
 ...into a Zombie Pumpkin Patch!!!
Deliciously scary!
The trick here is to set all of the cakes on wax or freezer paper
while you decorate them so the frosting stays just on that item
and you can lift and position them easily.
 Those pretzel rod stems anchor the cakes into the sheet cake foundation.
Sprinkle each one differently.

 I may make these for Thanksgiving too.
You know, just to mess with people.
 Time for me to crawl back into the mirror...
...where Evil Moms belong, and emerge as...
Just, you know...
Evil Mom.
Happy Halloween.
Blow that out when you leave.


Michelle L. said...

The cake is hilarious. You looked delightful in your evil corset! What a fun menu, I assume nothing was left over!

Kim K. said...

How fun! Looks like a fabulous Halloween menu. Love all the pictures of you in your fabulous outfits. Halloween hugs!

PS. We have a video tour of our outdoor Halloween decorations on the blog today. It'll be Thanksgiving before everything gets put away.

Heather said...

We still haven't had Halloween (power outages,etc). Yours looked like a lot of fun!! I want some of those veggie crescent roll wraps. yummmmmmm