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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Capturing a Snowflake.

Our day was kind of busy yesterday...
how was yours? 

 Profile: Crafter
Turn Ons
Long walks through the craft store
Reading other projects for hours
Blog hopping like a maniac
Devouring Pinterest 

Turn Offs
Hot glue burns
Intricate work
Easy looking projects that are total FAILS
Things that take forever to make

This next project is your soul mate.
In creating a meaningful, yet glittering, Thanksgiving centerpiece,
I wanted each pumpkin representing a family member to really encapsulate them.
Not an easy chore.
How do you bring to life the perfect daughter?
Beautiful, charming, a math whiz with an incredible voice, my little angel doesn't date,
party, or get into any trouble.
She's in college 2 years early with grades that make me cry.
She bakes, loves her new tools, and is my little best friend.
I refer to her as My Baby Come True.
 How do you capture that in a gourd?
Every year for Christmas, I've given her a sterling silver snowflake necklace.
Snowflakes are softly dazzling, unique, impossible to capture,
sparkling creations that have always made me think of her.
I think I know how Cinderella's Fairy Godmother felt looking at that
pumpkin and launching her coach design firm.
 We'll start with a silver spray painted pumpkin, a snippet of leftover
wired silvery Christmas ribbon, glittered silk leaves, and gems on a roll.
The I Can't Believe It's Not Champagne! doesn't hurt either.
 This fabulous stuff is available at Michael's for $5 a roll. 
I had my 40% coupon in hand and hit it on a sale too,
So it joined my stash for $2.
 The little gems are already adhered in place on a strip of clear tape.
I cut the 30 inch length in half...
 ...then each half into 3 pieces for a total of 6 lengths of gems.
Put the glue gun away~
Simply peel them off the backing!
 Then, just smooth the bling on the pumpkin.
How easy is that?
 Keep going.
 Your 5 minutes is now up.
 Now take the ribbon-I had about 2 feet-and fold it back and forth accordion style.
 Put a straight pin through the bottom and right into the pumpkin near the stem.
 Fluff it up!
Wire edged ribbon means your bows are perfect every time.
Now, for the silvered leaves, you simply need some silks and spray paint.
15 minutes later, grab the glitter and school glue.
Run a bead of glue around the outline of a leaf...
...just like this.
Shake on the fabulous, allow it to dry for a bit,
then tap off the excess and let's get back to work.
 Put one leaf on top of the other and put a pin through the bottoms of both.
 Stick it into the pumpkin, spread the leaves a bit, and fluff the ribbon to cover the pin.

 A perfect snowflake of a pumpkin to represent my perfect girl.
She was delighted with her treasure,
but not nearly as delighted as I am with mine.

The Big Ka-Ching? Around $3.50.
Not too shabby.


Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

This is such a unique and wonderful idea :) Her pumpkin turned out beautiful!

Michelle L. said...

Perrrrfection, just like Vannah! When do we get to hear her sing?

Dude - you have two children old enough to vote??? That is crazy.

La Vie Quotidienne said...

Georgous...and so is your daughter!

Kim K. said...

Gorgeous pumpkin. A very special pumpkin for a very special girl. I can tell you are a proud Momma.