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Monday, November 19, 2012

MEGA POST WEEK: A Growing Concern

 We interrupt this blog to bring you an
Early Catmas Alert!!!
If you're new to Rehab, Catmas is our warning sign that a quick and easy
gift idea is about to be shoved in your face like an
angry Feline Overlord forced into Christmas attire.
Wear proper protective gear and consider yourself in the Splash Zone!
  You may have noticed all the fresh cut wreaths at the garden centers.
 It doesn't matter what the (30 dollar!!!) price tag, we crave a little life
around us in the Winter.
 And what says exotic gift like a gorgeous amaryllis?
 You can get the perfect gift at Pottery Barn.
Open that wallet and dig out $50.
 Too much?
I'll save you a little cash here...
Jackson & Perkins has this bulb in a basket for $39.95.
 Are you done hyperventilating yet?
 Swing by Home Depot then.
 This perfectly acceptable little vase with rocks and a bulb is $14.99.
Good enough?
Oh, HELL no.
Walmart has bulbs in a box with a questionable plastic pot and 
a weird plug of growing medium for just $5.
Now we're talkin'.
 Pop by the Dollar Tree and pick up a cylinder vase...
 ...and a bag of black polished river rocks.
 Here's the star of our show.
 Open the box before you buy it and check for a nice green bulb with plumped roots and
a little healthy, unwrinkled growth at the top.
 Clean the vase, rinsing thoroughly, and set about 2 inches of rocks in the bottom.
 Comb the roots gently down with your fingers and slide it into the vase.
 Straighten your bulb so it sits upright.
 Add water to cover the rocks and touch the roots, immersing them.
 There we go.
You now have a future stunning show stopper.
 Set this in a sunny spot, keep an eye on the water level
and get ready to enjoy.
Now, what if you'd like to give something like this as a gift?
 We don't want to haul a bunch of sloshing water around in the car, right?
While I was pondering this dilemma, I was emptying the dishwasher,
and I saw IT.
 A half gallon Ball Canning Jar.
These are about $10 for a case of 6, and I use them for EVERYTHING.
Add the rocks and bulb as we did above,
and you have a seriously charming presentation.
Screw the lid on, and it's a gift to go!
Just tie on a snippet of wire edged ribbon...
 ...and a little garden-themed ornament for a simple embellishment in minutes.
 Please STRESS to the recipient that the lid needs to come off when the gift gets home.
 Plants are living things and need to breathe.
 Final shopping total:
Bulb in a Vase: $6.50
Bulb in a Jar: $8.27 with ribbon and Dollar Tree ornament
1 bag of rocks did both projects easily.
 Now, about those angry, murderous cats...
Oh, relax.
It's red velvet cake!


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Ha! Ha! I love Catmas!! I have a lot of catching up to do and this is a great place to start!! So, ditch the weird growing medium and these just grow in the water??

Anonymous said...

Too funny! My cat would have scratched my eyes out AND bit me if I would have tried to stuff him into that costume...or any costume for that matter!