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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pour Some Sugar On Me

 Come close...
 ...look deep into my non-fat soy nog...
 It's time to sparkle!
Sugared fruit is a Southern tradition, but here near the tropics,
sweet things left on the table as decorations are an open invitation
to vermin.
No cold weather, no absence of critters.
Bugs are not festive.
So I made a little trip to the Dollar Tree for plastic apples and pears,
broke out the iridescent glitter, and made up a batch of decoupage stuff.
 Using a paint prush, stroke on the glue to cover the fruit.
Sprinkle on the glitter.
 Add more glue and more glitter until you have the right sparkle.
 Once that's dry, slather on a protective layer over the top.
 Start plotting.
 These are great for fruit bowls, wreaths, cornucopias, and even the traditional
welcoming fruit tree.
 At a little over $1 apiece, they're a great decoration.

 They'll add just a touch of glamor to your holiday table, and 
they're going to fit right in with your Christmas decorations.

Tomorrow: The Centerpiece.
We'll finish up the Family Pumpkins, 
the assemble the sparkle our guests will see on the big day. 
It's going to be a mega-post with several projects, and all
of them can stay out past next week!
Get the glitter ready!


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I just threw a whole container of fake apples in my cart at salvation army. They are destined for a little shimmer themselves!

Della said...

I want some! Fruit is so festive all during the holidays, and I love the sparkle. Great project!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

So pretty!! Love a little fruit bling! Nonfat soy nog, did you buy that or make it?? Give up the deets, lady!