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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kittehs Who Does Not Want Presents for Christmas

Oh Hai.

 Welcome to last day of Feline Overlord Clowder Takes Over.
After this, we may have useful things for you.
We promise nuffthings.
 The Redhead Woomin with Thumbs came home yesterday 
a record 30 pounds heavier than Friday
She say she losed an organ.
 Looks like she gained something to us.
 We blames The Bald Hoomin- 
he kept sneaking her some Alton Brown cocoa mix stuff
Those looks like building blocks of puffy stuffs to us.
 I iz pleased she iz home.
No one else opens the cans, but she iz so far faking 
inability to do so.
 Well, she's about to see consequences of lack of actions.
 She did open treats though.
Same treats we get every day.
Same treats she passes off as presents.
We at least puts thoughts into where we hacks up presents.
 We now presents:
Kittehs Who Does Not Want 
Presents for Christmas.
Let's face it.
We gets stuff anyway.
 Good behavior not important.

See you tomorrow.
Bring glitter.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Glad you are home girl! Now take it easy for a few days!

Unknown said...

So glad you are home, rest well we can wait :D you just work on getting better.

Michelle L. said...

Oh, Sunny! What a crap Thanksgiving weekend! I just got back to the web and discovered you have been having disagreements with gall sorry you hadda get rid of it, but you'll be far happier without that annoying thing. You won't miss it a bit. I could not stop laughing at the overlord who wanted you to bring it home for snacktime. And going shopping at the hospital gift shop also cracked me up.

Stay cool and rest and do things that make you happy while stuck at home. Love, m

Della said...

Glad you are back home! Kittehs don't understand that opening a can feels like you are ripping out every stitch the doc put in. Feel better!!!!