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Monday, November 5, 2012

Butterflies Are Free...Okay, Cheap

So...we already talked about these...
 ...and the price...
 ...and these beautiful little wired butterflies for $1...
 ...which I loved.
 Putting the two together didn't need that much inspiration.
More like motivation.
It was a cool, lazy weekend, and were mostly parked on the couch
as a group with books, laptops, movies, and games.
However, that would make a really dull post, unless you're a huge Game of Thrones or Avengers fan,
so eventually, I poured a little fake cabernet and got up.
 A little wire edged ribbon tied in a bow on a recycled glass vase later...
 ...and we found ourselves speeding headlong into the season of light.

 Well, this backdrop isn't working.
Gimme a sec...
There we go.
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Kim K. said...

Love it. PS. Your minions make fabulous set designers and prop stylists.

Michelle L. said...

Love the branch plus butterflies, so ethereal and elegant, backdrop or not. Oh, man, that sounds like my PERFECT weekend. (Instead I spent it putting out fires set by the theft and cancellation of my main credit card, you know, the one everything under the sun is linked to. Blehhh. I am owed two days on the couch with books, games, movies and my loved ones!)

Jessica said...