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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MEGA POST WEEK: Last Minute Spanksgiving Tips!

'Twas the day before turkey
And we'd like your opinion
From Feline Overlord
 To feisty small Minion.
 We've tried to give tips that are definite WINS!
But did we FAIL?
Oh, where do we begin...
 Remember, no matter how much you want to impress your guests,
if you reach the end of your budget, stop spending.
And selling small children under your coat on a street corner
 is an unacceptable way to fund additional courses.
 The holidays are a time to shine.
If you've decided on a new look, go with something simple.
Try not to resemble broccoli.
 After all, you'll be remembered in family photos for years to come.
 Choose something that will fit the spirit of the occasion.
Stay with something classic. 
 You want to look good in the photos, sure...
...but again, stay within budget.
While imbibing in a cocktail or two is socially acceptable, be responsible
in your drinking and set a mature, adult example.
Often, television is an important part of Spanksgiving festivities.
Keep the choices appropriate.
Monitor what is being viewed if children are present.
NEVER eat the remote.
If a guest to your home brings a pet, ignore the faux pas and be gracious.
Going overboard is unnecessary.
Insure that your home is sparkling clean and pest free to put your best foot forward.
Attention to detail is important.
Break out of your comfort zone and try new foods.
It's impolite to refuse when something is offered.
 It's worse if you have to be rescued.
NEVER fill past the suggested Hamster Capacity.
Hunting for game to put on the table is traditional in many areas,
but be choosy as far as what you hunt.
Some things will get you banned at Pet Supermarket.
For life.
Create a welcoming wreath for your front door, but a word of caution:
hot glue and live animals do not mix.
Presentation is key to making your holiday entree special.
Properly garnished and plated, your bird will look succulent and spectacular!
The example above is perfect.
Are we helpful?
Did you pick up any tips this week?
Any ideas you could use, are going to use, are ashamed to use?
Well, let's be honest...
...we don't care.
Happy Thanksgiving from
 "Oh, THAT family!"


Anonymous said...

Hope you & yours have an utterly fantastic Thanksgiving!

Keri {One Mama's Daily Drama} said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Is it terrible that I remember when that weird-named guy was on the news?