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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Symbolism in Blue

Sorry we're late getting up today...
...but we have three first time voters!
 If you're in the USA, get out today and cast your vote.
I'm sure everyone knows our political leanings, so either cast with us
or cancel us out.
Either way, exercise the privilege.
I have a thing for gold and sapphire.
This is Sam's wedding band, and my bands match.
Our tables were draped in gold and topped with dark blue.
My girl's dresses were navy velvet.
It's a natural color combination for me.
 So as I started designing our glittering Thanksgiving theme,
I knew a pumpkin commemorating the ceremony that created our family was only fitting.
 Think of the colors that will bring to mind something significant.
 In addition to deep, sparkling blue stones, you will need:
A Dollar Tree foam pumpkin. Mine is painted gold
A length of wire, coiled around a pencil into a spring
Silk leaves, mine are gold painted as well
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
 This is easy.
Separate the gems by size, form a pattern, and dollop 3 or 4 dots of glue
on your pumpkin, pressing the gems into place quickly.
 Every once in a while, remove those weird little glue webs.

 Now for the wire coil.
Pop it through the foam just to determine placement.
This particular bit was made from heavy gauge wire, coiled, then spray painted to match.
I took two leaves off of a vine so there's a stem joining them
with a small hole in the center.
 Hot glue a couple of gems on if desired.
More shine?
Yes, I desired.
Thread the wire through the hole in the stems.
Poke it back into the hole in the pumpkin.
 One spangled gourd for the centerpiece to remind me what I'm thankful for.
 When I gather my family around the table this will remind us all...
 ...of the disaster that left this mess in its wake.

 I think you see where this is going...
Meaningful glitter!
Who would have thought it?
This little bauble still rings up under $2,
so get ready for projects this week to tie your family into the mix on a shoestring.

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