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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Going Shopping

 Pull 'em on, Besties, we've got shopping to do!
The most glittering season of all is upon us, and if you think for one second
I'm doing my Thanksgiving sparkle-free, well...
you're obviously new around here.
 Deals/Dollar Tree Shopping Alert!
I'm not into the lighted plastic arrangements, but Deals had THIS!
 Natural curly tall branches with LEDs on a tan string that was nearly invisible.
 They're nice and tall, and battery operated means there will be a little change up
on the dining room table.
Especially with a price tag like this.
Haven't checked out Deals?
There's 15 within an hour of me, so hit the store locator,
PLUS you can shop online.
 Deals and Dollar Tree both have these ethereal little winged fantasies.

 I bought several in copper to coordinate with my existing Fall decor.
 But oh, the silver jumped in my cart too.
I couldn't make these for a dollar!
There's a handy little clip on them, so your fluttering
jewels can perch anywhere.
The wings are also wired for posing.
 Am I done?
Not by a long shot.
Get ready to spangle those corn husks, people,
we're gonna shimmer this year!
 Headed for Michael's, Dollar Tree and Walmart,
If not back, avenge death.

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