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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Going Shopping

Morning, Besties!
It's time for everyone's favorite useless filler post,
Going Shopping,
where for some reason I think you're interested as to where I'll be refusing to
spend money while looking at things I don't need to make stuff
no one will attempt!
 And each week, I show you a pair of shoes, as if you might think I'd be venturing out
in flippers or something.
Well this week, we're going out to get something specific.
 Something to fit the theme we have decided on for the holidays.
 Something shimmering and bright, that will flow and 
coordinate with the goodies of years past.
 Non-traditional color, with a fantasy theme, are key here.
 We're talking luxe and gorgeous, but we're planning to do it for our usual paltry expense.
 And it's going to start appearing this week, with the Thanksgiving decor.
Now, in case my subtlety has been lost on you,
Rehab is going Peacock!
But I refuse to do it in heels.
Headed for Walmart, Big Lots, 
and The Dollar Tree.
If not back, avenge death.

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