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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Roundup

The season of monsters, goblins, magic and fear!
Scares and startles, tricks and treats, and those little dark places that hide in your mind.
What frightens a woman like me?
An indestructible, tool-belted iron femme?
Ooooooooooooo, scary!
I'm over 50.
You fill your nightstand drawer with prescriptions, and we'll see what your hot buttons are.
But that's the fun part of fear...
different things make us all shiver.
Shall we conjure the Crafts of Rehabs Past to find what makes you quiver?
Rustle up a pitch Feline Overlord and we'll take a tour through
The Rehab Hall of Cheesy Horrors!
Do aliens give you sleepless nights?
Create your own invasion scenario with styrofoam and spray paint.
E.T.,foam hone!
(Sorry about that one.)
 I've always said you should suit your existing colors when you decorate for a holiday...
do these pumpkins scare you blue???
 Scrapbooking paper is haunting good fun when it morphs into horrifying shapes!
Some frighten with a price tag.
We made our own, which was financially friendly.
 If you're in a rush, just spray paint some gaudy gourds black
and then sprinkle with glitter.
No need for a terrifying time crunch.
Rejoice if you've been invaded by hideous old brooches...
Scare people away from the dessert buffet with this cake stand.
How deadly is your diet?
 Copper paint and glitter prevent this orange nightmare
from keeping you awake.
 Do you tend to want to banish the darkness?
Acorns and white paint are a quick fix.
More pantyhose mutilations have been spotted as we wrap
cheap plastic candy buckets in them for a porch light that won't rot.
 Can't find your ice bucket?
Maybe it's a master of disguise!
 Paint a foam pumpkin black, drill holes in any pattern you like,
then hot glue flat backed marbles over the openings.
Add a tap light and lure your neighbors with stained glass colors.
No tights are safe when I'm around,
and this lacy little copper pumpkin is what happens when I find them.
 Turn your lighting grave with silver painted skulls and sphagnum moss.
 A pre-made skull wreath went even more ghoulishly glam 
with feathers and bows.
 Here's one spider no one could possibly be afraid of.
 And she's guarded by this one perched on the door.
 Speaking of guards, keep your panes impenetrable with printer paper poltergeists.
Just cut, leaving a corner in tact, and tape them to the glass.
 Our number two viewed post of all time was an accident and my unwillingness to throw 
away these glass shades.
Haunt your house with your brood's artwork 
for eternity.
 Autumn in Aqua...and why not?
Get the seasonal feel without changing all the shades in the house.
 Become your own milliner and craft a chapeau
for your costume from scraps and packaging.
 Totally make your toilet paper disappear.
 Glam up a lamp for the holidays in minutes.
Maybe this will keep the kids from leaving the lights on.
We hope you've found at least one thing to whip up to haunt your home.
Not everyone is as fortunate as me and has a house that's filled with dust, cobwebs,
and just naturally falling apart.
Some of you have to work at it.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Another fantastic Halloween round-up! We're on the Halloween party countdown at our house. Friday night is the BIG night.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

That's a whole lot of fun in one post! I think I love the skulls in the moss the best...creepy and unexpected!

MJ said...

wow i am so envious right now!!! I think the Halloween bug got lost somewhere as I didnt get it at all... *pout*