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Friday, October 26, 2012

A Walk Through TERROR!!!

The weekend is here,
and so is Sandy.
Hurricane Sandy, that is.
He's close enough to merely be a wet, drippy, annoying windbag.
So in addition to fearsomely festooning the flop flambe',
hatches were battened and inventory taken.
I like to prepared just in case a loss of electricity renders us Amish for a few days.
(I never worry about offending the Amish with that statement; I mean,
how are they going to find out?)
Now that you're all shaking with fear in the presence of the specter
of political incorrectness, 
let's take a stroll through through the Chateau.
A horrifying, terrifying, fear wrought stroll!!!
 Some of the greenery has been exchanged for dried seed pods and grasses, all
obtained at great expense from the Dollar Tree.
A vintage stepladder, left splattered with vintage paint, plays pedestal.
The tall vase has a slight tint of blue.
We have silhouettes from the Dollar Tree glowering disapprovingly everywhere.
I feel like I'm back in high school.
Now THAT'S scary!
The Big Aqua Mirror is hosting our village this year.
With the antique china cabinet relocated under it,
we have a Feline Overlord Free Zone.
My miniatures are unmolested!
For once.
How about a little walk through?
I feel like the world's tiniest real estate agent.
I hear you people in colder climates allow your children to play
 in dead leaves in the Fall, and frozen water later.
I'm confused by these customs, but the children portrayed here appear to like it.
My first Autumn abodes were inexpensive, but they became better quality
and more detailed as new buildings were added over the years.

No one around here picks up their %&@#$ shoes....

The woven blankets are a huge favorite of mine.
I still notice new details even now, like the bristles in the broom.

Our Overlord, Mustang, like to act as look out on our roof,
and this little bisque kitty looks suspiciously like him.

Inside, you'll find teensy little final notices.
Charming at first glance, this scarecrow scares the bejeezus
out of me when you use the macro setting.
That's where ours always ended up.
I did not raise athletes.

no one dusted the apples.
Let's pretend that's on purpose, k?
And here's the house that skews all the property values in the neighborhood.
Stone garden statuary.
An effective home security system.
Pet friendly HOA guidelines.
It's a handyman's dream.
Rooftop entertaining space adds extra useable square footage to the footprint.
Bonus room accessible from the upper level.
Handy severed head storage, an unusual feature in this neighborhood.
Desirable architectural details galore.
Moving on....

These people beat the snot out of me in the perennial department.
Anything porcelain is a perennial.

Grab a glass of milk, I'll get us all some miniscule apple pie.
We talked about potion bottles yesterday.
This one looked a little lonely.
So after the post was up and everyone was sufficiently creeped out by
my unusually sick prose, I did some more dishes.
Ta. Da.
My bar is now fully stocked.
Thom loaned me his favorite wand, with the stipulation we have it guarded with MURDER.
Moss rocks in a sterling silver dish.
I hear they make superb soup.
You can use any bottle for this.
Here we have a reed diffuser stoppered with a collected wine cork.
We got some tequila bottles from a local restaurant.
No, I did not acquire them FULL.

The green one held olive oil.

My mother is deathly afraid of spiders, so this is our sole resident arachnid.
If the vessel is too small for a label, poke a hole and tie it on.

Cocktails, anyone?
We decorated Smidgen.
She was less than amused.

Monday, we'll take a peek in here, and look at the rest of the house.
The lights kept flickering, and therefore the internet.
I tried a flashlight, but let's face it...
...this just looks weird.

So we'll be back.

And besides...
Um...well...I'm not done.


Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Be safe down there in Florida! We're expecting it to touch northern Maryland and the rest of the east coast. Hope it won't turn into the "perfect storm" like some are predicting.

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Aaaah, the frankenstorm! All beware the frankenstorm!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Aren't you having fun...despite the evil storm. Thinking of you! Halloween hugs!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Glad to see your sense of humor still prevails despite impending doom!!! Be safe girl!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Stay safe and protect your minions, cats, and orchids!
As for this post. . . I don't know what the funniest part was. But maybe this, because . . .well, just because I can relate. Hardcore, yo.
"We have silhouettes from the Dollar Tree glowering disapprovingly everywhere.
I feel like I'm back in high school. Now THAT'S scary!"

Now if you'll pardon me, I need to get to the grocery to prepare for the aforementioned Frankenstorm. As I told Ryan, it may be melodramatic, but the older I get the less "fun" it is to just stock up on beer and "enjoy" being without power. Nowadays I need sensible things. Like wine, not beer. . . and actual food. Oh, and coffee. Definitely coffee. ;)