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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Going Shopping

Good morning, savvy bargain hounds, it's Saturday!
 And you know what that means~ shopping!
We've found some very pretty things lately at prices we aren't willing to shell out,
so The Redhead has scrounged out alternatives.
 Put on those comfy shoes and let's hit the sidewalk!
 Last year for health reasons, my vino wings got clipped,
so I enjoy creative alternatives.
I found this tasty French all natural soda at Big Lots for $3.
 Sure, it's refreshing.
But once it's gone, I have heavy glass bottles with fancy porcelain snap stoppers,
perfect for herbed oils or vinegars, homemade cream liqueurs,
or lemoncello.
Christmas is coming you know!
 Wilton comes out with the BEST stuff, and here's my current favorite.
 That's right~ itty bitty icing psycho carving knives.
 Hit Walmart for these, and I think the $4.88 is worth it
just for the tiny frameable Serving Suggestion.
Ever wanted to try some of those Nutella recipes, but balked in horror
at six bucks a jar?
 Big Lots.
Stop balking, start baking.
 I know you're planning to make your own vanilla and gift it to 
all your closest friends in a couple of months, right?
 $19 for a half pound with a free sample of another species will make a couple gallons 
of the stuff!
Getting that much vodka home without the neighbors forming outside 
to hold an intervention is your problem.
 We all have traditions, and each year, I get the Minions a Christmas ornament.
 Something to suit who they are at the time.
 Walmart's new line of glistening tree candy is hitting the shelves,
and I have to give them props for coming up with creative,
high end looking designs.
 This looks like an expensive little Macy's find.
 I assure you, it's not.
 Now, 85 pounds of weight loss had my wedding set flying off.
Sam jovially slipped an amethyst ring on my finger to signify our 25 years together,
but until I can get my REAL rings sized and fixed,
I wanted to ward off the middle aged Lotharios.
Frankly, no matter how flattering it is when someone hits on me,
it's still............weird.
 Get your jewelry shopping out of the way over at Fantasy Jewelry Box.
There's plenty of pretty things made from sterling silver, stainless steel, tungsten, and
in this case, titanium.
Their prices are terrific already, but 30NOW in the Promotion Code box
will get you 30% off.
Still not collecting corks?
$10 is a lot for 50 little bark missiles.
Call a restaurant in the area that serves wine and ask them to save them for you.
As a former bar manager, I can tell you, I put aside tons of requested bottles and such.
 Have a cute Trick-or-Treat at Walmart with Hello Kitty.
I'd glow in the dark for $7.88.
 If you were one of the many people left scrambling to find acrylic acorns a couple of weeks ago,
I'm here to tell you, I hunted them down at Big Lots.
 $4 will get you a nice BIG bag of sparkling gem-like nuts...
 ...or pumpkins!...
 ...or leaves!
 Your choice.
Go get them!
 Fresh swordfish heads are FREE for the asking at your local fish market!
Okay, sure, it's disturbing, but imagine the looks you'll get with these in your cart.
No, I have no ideas on what to do with them.
They don't fit in the fridge.
And my car smells God awful after 5 days.
But they were FREE! 
Okay, fine, it's a terrible idea, never mind.
 Sparkle, sparkle, little grin.
The twelve bucks for you will stay within.
 Waddle on over to Deals instead.
 Same size, in purple, green...
 ...and orange!
$3, and these babies light up.
Batteries are indeed included.

Now nab those shoes, we have reconnaissance to do!
Headed for Deals, Big Lots, The Interwebs 
and Walmart.
If not back, avenge death.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Big Lots sells Vanilla beans??? I am stunned! Did you get those cool tennis shoe/thongs?

lisbonlioness said...

Yo crazy lady, am I seeing black glitter cupcakes with bloody knives, or am I just dong some wishful thinking? Btw, I loved your last post, but I was too tired to post a coherent comment on shelves, diet jars and Zen bedrooms :) Let alone marvelling at you owning pillows your Momma made. Amazeballs!

Anonymous said...

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