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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going Shopping

Ever get the feeling...'re being watched?
 It's creepy.
It's irrational.
You look around.
There's no one there.
 But still, you know by the prickling fine hair on the back of your neck,
that there are eyes upon you, watching you move,
hearing the sound of your voice, weighing your motions carefully,
looking for an opportunity when your guard is down.
That will be the way my house will feel after we finish today.
It's time to haunt Chateau Inferno!
Going to The Cobweb Factory, Barn of Terror,
Jack's House of Lanterns, and Murder Most Fowl for lunch.
If not back.....


Michelle L. said...

Eek! He's awfully cute, though!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...


lisbonlioness said...

I'm sorry, but I think I need me some Tena Lady... I just almost pee'd myself laughing! HOW CUTE!!!
And wtf is going on with your new blog header? I love it! A little bit south of normal, yeah? A slice short of a loaf? Batsheet crazy? Please, please adopt me!