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Thursday, October 11, 2012

We Interupt This Drudgery...

Okay, you may have noticed that my posts this week have been a 1/3 less
creative than our usual fine posts.
"Let's see if they've noticed!"
Sure you have.
Maybe you're picking up placemats and pouring cold coffee over cookies,
and you might even be haunting army/navy surplus stores for gas masks
to coax your kids into the kitchen,
but all in all you're wondering,
"Why hasn't she posted a project so I can do the exact opposite?"
I had to put down the spray paint for a little while and pick up the real estate listings.
That's right, I'm house hunting.
No, I have NOT admitted defeat~ Mom has decided she needs her own digs.
 She needs something wheelchair accessible, pet friendly, and VERY close to us.
We chose a community with floorplans that fit the bill and started looking.
This was in the first dining room.
It's like a BHG DIY gone W.R.O.N.G.
I've also been acutely reminded that my taste is not the worst out there.
Not by a long shot.
But for the most part, these places are pure potential.
I see lots of projects in our future, kids, so get ready.
 Today, however, I refuse to set foot outside the house.
I have a drift of supplies begging to be assembled into
visions of artistic expression- or at least assembled.
While I'm looking for the hot glue and the pantyhose,
you guys enjoy this collection of garden lamps.
 These were spotted at a craft fair.
 Made from cast off pieces, this is garden lighting I can see lighting up
my outdoor spaces like pure magic.
 Paint, sparkling repurposed glass, and trash with a new life
made useful and sigh-worthy.
I know one thing...
I've seen this stuff at Goodwill in raw, ugly pieces.
 Imagination and vision.
Some of this would be nice over a kitchen island too.
 A hanging lamp in your own private reading nook?
 Gracing your little princess's room?
 I'm planning translucent paints in my mind as we speak...
Okay, I'm energized again!
Let's get back to the holiday magic, shall we?
What have you been working on while I've been goofing off?


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Ohhhhh I have one of those garden solar lamp thingy's, but it may need to be cuted up a little. It's all glass and maybe should have some color! While you've been goofing off...I've been crafting. (Isn't that the same thing?) Good luck with the house hunting for your mom!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I accidentally made a scarf that looks like a jellyfish! Lol.

Good for you for seeing beyond the ugly to the potential. Our plan is to buy a house next year and I definitely told my realtor "find me something ugly!"

lisbonlioness said...

The lamps are killing me- I want them all.
And I want my old garden back, but never mind that.
What- Mum is moving out? Oh man... is that good news or bad news? Won't you miss her like crazy? But oh the stuff you'll be able to do in her new house! A whole new abode to ... motherize. All the sweet little things you guys have done andd made for her- now on the BIG SCREEN!
I'm really happy for her, but I bet she'll miss all the ado, the crazy, the wild, the whole che- bang. Woot!