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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Going Shopping

It's been a fun week with the Minions.
 My legally adult children all reverted to elementary school ages this week.
The holidays tend to do that.
 Glitter was hauled out, and everyone got a light coat.
We're all slightly fabulous.
 Crafts with poster board, paint, and glue were revisited.
 The moon came to life in brilliant Rustoleum copper and black sparkle...
...courtesy of the world's oldest six year old. 
And we found out why handing Thom rat silhouettes and a roll of tape is inadvisable. 
 I'm now infested.
 I'll be finding these things for months.
 I'm just going to go ahead and cut tiny Santa hats out of felt
and pretend this was the macabre plan all along.
 Once I'm done with that, I'll just whip up some leprechaun hats as a precaution.
 Maybe little Valentine's Day hearts on the bats...
It's creepy, sure, but not over the top enough for a tour. 
I need a firm smack of glitzy inspiration.
And tomorrow's What's Blooming will be pre-empted to share this last push with you.
Headed for Joanns, Michael's Crafts, Home Goods, and Target.
If not back,

1 comment:

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

So love that the minions are all over it!