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Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Go Play in My Room!

Once in a while, it happens.
 I lose my mojo.
 I wake up, and have absolutely no desire to do a single thing.
This results in wandering around the house disgusted by the piles of things falling apart
or existing in a shambles, and eventually,
I dive onto a heap of horrible and wrestle it into submission.
Put on your Titanium Ring of Power, Besties.
We need more than hot glue today.
 (More scoopage on the new wedding band tomorrow;
my size 20 jeans aren't the only things falling off now that I'm a size 8!)
Let's head into the bedroom and discover the secrets within...
 oh grow up.
It's not that kind of blog.
I meant this.
A few lone hooks holding some scarves and straw hats.
My purses are in a corner kicked under a chair.
Belts and sashes? On the chair.
Chair? Unusable.
Getting ready in the morning?
Like a treasure hunt.
So first, let's take those hooks down.
We're going to add a mirrored cabinet from Home Goods.
This baby was on clearance for $25.
It has the dreaded holes in the back to hang it on screws.
Are you intimidated by these?
Take a strip of painter's tape and smooth it down across the back of the piece you're
planning to hang, then use a pencil to poke holes in the tape hanging holes are.
Remove the tape and stick it to the wall.
Check it with a level, then just drill your pilot holes through the pencil holes!
It hangs perfectly the first time, every time!
Top it with a basket for seldom used items, like curling irons (in my case).
I'm just going to show off the details for no other reason than I love them.
 Large clips dangle from the towel bar on the cabinet.
I have hair sticks, brushes, combs, and my Aqua Net Canned Cement
all right where I need them, and my hair dryer is on a hook just out of the shot.
 What? You thought this magnificent coif was accidental?
The big pink box is for my "special occasion" lingerie.
One more snicker out of you, and you're outta here, Missy!
 A metal cake stand spray painted to coordinate holds former gift boxes
that house bangles, hair bands, and jeweled hair pins.
French clips and hair flowers (they're legal in Miami) are on a ribbon right next door.
Shelving and more hooks for the scarves, belts and purses
are just to the right.
The shelf isn't just decorative;
my Weight Loss Vases are up there too.
And I do keep up with them.
 Right below that, we keep the fluffy stuff.
Let's make a pit stop at the dresser.
My jewelry box got a makeover to match the room a while back.
If you're robbing my house, this is what you should grab.
Watch out for the pittbull sleeping three feet away.
She doesn't like to be awakened, and she hates black masks.
 There's a little left to organize over here.
Rome wasn't cleaned in a day.
As for the bed, it was fine.
Just *YAWN* fine.
It was comfortable, softly tropical...
...adorned with pillows my mother made...
...and it even had a quilt I loved draped over the bottom.
Tug this up over you for an afternoon nap.
But whether or not it's okay, sometimes, a little seasonal tweak is nice.
And what gives you a new look without taking up space?
 Covers for your pillows and duvet.
 This textured pashmina, which I draped around my shoulders over a halter dress
last weekend, is going to be stored on the end of the bed.
Grab one at Walmart of all places in the purse section for $5!
 The embroidered duvet cover and shams are from IKEA, the beaded burgundy square is a Goodwill
score, and the long aqua sequined pillow was made from a Goodwill tank top.
Judgmental Feline Overlord not included.
An Autumn quilt drapes the foot of the bed, because I still have every intention of napping.
It also hides the gap between the bottom of the comforter doesn't meet the bed skirt.
 Anyone else have that problem?
Then add the pashmina.
The best part?
All of the new covers slip over the old covers, 
including on the duvet.
That's right.
ZERO storage to consider, and I know EXACTLY where everything is
the next time I get bored!
All of my linens match my navy sheets so dressing the bed is simple.
 Thanks for coming upstairs to play.
I think I'm ready to get back to the glitter now.
Um, wait a minute, where are my navy deck shoes?
Oh, crap...


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Snicker.... Snicker....

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh geeze....I guess my sweats aren't considered "special occasion lingerie" because they sure wouldn't fit in that box!

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