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Monday, April 30, 2012

Plotting in the Rain

Well, when you're trapped inside all weekend due to rain,
 you find something else to occupy your time.
 Like shopping for design elements.
We took a quick dip into Home Depot for paint; 
as usual, I had my notebook tucked in The Mom Bag,
so we looked at a few of the things on my wish list,
like lighting and corbels.
The sexy stuff.
(Forgive me, the photos were all taken with my phone,
and they can't be rotated. Flip your laptop on
its side where appropriate.)
 These beasts were the heftiest in both size and price.
At $35 a pop, they'll end up as decorative touches for the new island.
A mere fling due to attraction but budgetary incompatibility.
You have no idea how cheap I can be.
 I liked these, but let's face a fact:
Ho. Hum.
 They'd do the job of supporting my open shelving.
They'd also inspire a nap.
I live with a nerd and a litter of geeklettes;
I'm used to excitement and stimulation!
As pretty as these are, they lack a practical element.
Maybe they look like they'd snap in half.
Maybe I'm picturing excessive dusting.
Either way, these seem better suited to a Victorian porch than a beach cottage kitchen.
Take your refinement and leave.
I'd hurt you.
Ohhhhhhhh, THESE.
A little curl.
A little cue.
Enough heft to support my pottery mixing bowls.
And a PAIR of them is $18.
I hear angels, do you?
Now to map out the shelf wall.
I gently kissed the corbels and promised to return in a husky whisper,
then adjusted my peasant top and headed for lighting without a backwards glance.
 ...oh my...
Yes. YES! It's perfect!
Come home with me!!!
You see that price tag too, don't you?
Eighty freakin' dollars???
We can't have that sullying the bottom line.
 Let's look at it a different way...
like a way that includes my glass drill bits,
a glass cutting kit,
and perhaps a Dollar Tree vase or two...
 Shall we give it a try?


Michelle L. said...

Ooh, I'm all agog. Let's see this happen!

Those corbels = fabulosity! Maybe you should have grabbed them , what if they sell out?

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

I can't wait to see you make that light!! Go for it!

Meg said...

Do it do it!! LOL!! I made some lamps like this for my mom and my sister a few years ago and I was so surprised to see them at Home Depot! I came rushing to your blog to tell you about them before I had actually read the whole post, great minds!! One thing I did was use cable to hang the lights and extra electrical cord so it could do that droopy coil thing. It would look especially great with cloth covered electrical wire.... just sayin'! Ha ha!