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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing

I ran to Lowes yesterday because I heard they'd put out new Nearly Dead plants.
You know: $14 wilted flora on clearance for $3?
How can I pass that up?
My big box store does great landscaping displays.
I find them inspirational, considering they're over concrete.
And me with a blank slate!
Well, fairly blank.
The oldest Minion and I got into one of those, "Okay, let's do this, but we need to do this first, and that can't go there until we have some of this stuff, so we need to put this here, and hey, we have to paint that" impasses yesterday.
We have nothing to show you.
Except a jumble in the yard that resembles...a jumble in the yard.
Have patience.
We promise tomorrow will include some results and something you can make yourself


Sherri B. said...

You have a pretty snazzy Lowes, ours have nothing that fancy...They do have reduced, 'mostly' dead plants though and I think only the good Lord could bring those back, hahaha! xo

Carol said...

The nearly dead sale is my FAVORITE! I just got a closer-to-dead-than-alive hydrangea about a week ago. So far it's looking more alive than dead, but the outcome is yet to be determined.


Yes, I know I have been MAJOR blog slacking. Miss you!