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Monday, April 2, 2012

Completely Over the Top

 Oh, my sweet children.They know it's nearly time.
The smuggled bags, the chocolates, the declarations of,
"Stay out of there. And there. And especially there!"
It's almost time for a visit from...
The Easter Sunny!
 This brings on odd behavior.
And odd projects.
Ready for a few?
We can do this all week.
As usual.
We started with our stacked plate project, but any tiered server will work.
Set this in a tray.
This crap multiplies worse than rabbits.
Tuck it in around the bottom of your server against your better judgement.

Okay, next...
Tuck some spray painted branches into a clean Ball jar.
Add some Dollar Tree glass marbles.
Now for the fun part.
I snagged a spray of cherry blossoms at Joanns last weekend 50% off.
Pull a few off.
A blood spatter manicure just adds to the holiday allure, no?
We're going for sort of subtle here.
Nab a little craft wire.
Pay attention, this is complicated.
We want to put the flowers back on the original bush, so we're skipping the hot glue.

Tuck the loop into the bud.
Simply wire it to the painted branches.

Give it a slightly sparse, natural look.

Okay, okay, enough!
They get it.
This isn;t step-by-step cerebral cortex removal.
Set the jar on the top layer, and add some whimsical little touches.
These little sparklies are from the Dollar Tree.
As are these.
You don't have to spend a lot of cash.
Speaking of cerebral cortex removal, I think someone got to the rabbit.
Add a few votives to light during dinner (remembering to never leave them unattended).
The candles on the top are battery powered just to be safe.
And...yet another holiday train wreck from your friends at Life in Rehab!
We actually enjoyed making this together, which is the whole point of
the holidays.
It's tall, fun, colorful, and it doesn't block our view of
each other during dinner.
Good luck missing it when you walk in the house...


La Vie Quotidienne said...


Dharma said...

I love this "train wreck". Come make one with my boys :) Hoppy Easter Sunny.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Brilliantly over the top! I wouldn't expect any less.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

How tall is that gorgeous thing? (and I don't mean Savannah)! Love it!!!! I'm still waiting for your marshmallow torched sheep to appear for EAster!!

Michelle L. said...

I love the sparse blossoms on the branch!!! What a clever way to wire them on. Likeeee!