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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Okay, You Know the Drill

Most of you are familiar with the Famous box of Stuff Mom Can Make Crap Out Of.
 The Minions and the Hubster snag outgoing flotsam and stash it there,
knowing I'll eventually create something from it that borders on genius.
Or, as in this case, borders on useful.
 Florida has been under water restrictions for years due to drought, 
so we hand water.
Sure, we could spend $10 on a watering can.
 But with an old gallon laundry detergent bottle in your possession, why bother?
We used the drill and a 1/8 bit for this quick transformation.
 Wash out the container well, then just drill into the cap.
 Special skills needed?
Don't miss.
 After the cap looks like Lorraine Swiss cheese, fill the bottle with water.
Douse your plants with your new free high tech watering device.
 5 minutes.
And this is just a warm up.
 We have a few more projects coming up that are recycled goodies.
Ready to get trashy with me?
Hey, don't throw out that milk jug just yet!!!


An Oasis in the Desert said...

I think that's very clever! One of the things I'm currently saving (& this one gets a raised eyebrow from The Man) are 2qt. milk jugs. We are retired, so we don't drink very much milk unless one or more of our 6 grands are here. I read about making an outdoor bowling game using the milk jugs. You just weight them a bit with gravel or sand, find a cute little ball, & you have an instant game of outdoor bowling! I think by the 4th of July, I should have!

Michelle L. said...

Simple perfection!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Awesome! I'm fishing my empty laundry soap container out of the trash right now!!