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Friday, April 27, 2012

Garden Update

Just to set some of your minds at ease,
the afore alluded to blood transfusion was for anemia.
 Who are you calling anemic???
Well, we still have a checklist to tick off.
And why not?
I certainly tick off the neighbors.
Site leveled.
Tyvek Tape procured...
 ...and minor rips in umbrellas and the gazebo repaired!
 Ground cleared.
Fine, I had help.
 Heirlooms growing.
 Deck planned.
 Furniture freshened...
...and painted...
 ...and contrasted...
 ...and brightened...
 ...and renewed!

 Okay, I'm just showing off now.
 Eggplants proliferating.
 Orchids thriving.
 Topsy Turvy tomatoes taking a bow.
Jewels polished.
 Little Guy stashed.
 Block wall prepped.

 Boring furniture brightened.

 Eyesore of a fence identified.
Solution in the hatching stages.
 New raised bed installed.
Tomatoes staked.
 New blooms join the explosion of color.

 Basil rooted.
 Various herbs readied for their turn to show off.
Florals propagated.
Mint multiplied.
If you're going to spend time recovering,
surround yourself with life and energy.
And iron. I need to take some of that.
I've consumed more blood than a Cullen.
I hate sparkly vampires.


Sherri B. said...

Thanks for setting us straight on the 'blood' issue. - Everything looks spiffy, hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo

Musings from Kim K. said...

Take good care of yourself. Glad you are keeping those minions busy. Your gardens and furniture are looking pretty darn sharp.

Della said...

I was wondering about the transfusion...I've had some myself, as well as an iron infusion??? I guess that's what they call it. I have a rare type of anemia. What kind do you have?

Your place is looking colorful and very cheerful!