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Monday, April 16, 2012

Kaleidoscope Time!

 And we allllllllll know what that means, don't we,
 my fellow fixer uppers?
It means getting the property in entertainment shape for when company comes
to savor offerings from the grill and admire what you've done with the place
 This patio set that got doused in black a couple years ago
on your say so was no longer exactly my best foot forward.
 Even Boo won't pose with these chipped fiascoes.
 That isn't even the worst of it...
 Remember how nice these looked painted white?
Past tense indeed.
 Now, you could just let your oldest Omnivorous Minion eat the offending
furniture, but then what would you perch on to sip sparkling
lemonade, hmmmmm?
 We'll do this my way.
Is there another way?
Around Chateau Inferno?
First, power hose off the pieces to get the loose gunk.
 Next, rub the surface down with a stiff bristled brush.
 Get it cleaned off.
We did the same with the Chinese garden stools.
 Now, let's get our color on!
 My wicker is the plastic outdoor variety,
and look what this bonds to now
without primer!

 We've decided on some Caribbean shades for this year's pallet,
So we'll be starting with Apple Green, Bright Pink, Aqua,
and some assorted yellows left over from previous projects
strategically blended yellows, all from Rustoleum.
 Get down on it, Minions!
When have we ever done that?
 Keep your spray even and light.
You'll need 3 coats depending on the color.
 And bear in mind, if you don't like the result...
hey, it's just paint.

 So far, I love it!

 How about a band of contrast?
We'll be back with the big reveal.
We have several other projects going on at the same time that tie into this.
What do you guys think so far?
Only Boo knows what will happen next.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

You are so funny!! I love the bright colors! Can I borrow your minions??? I have a few projects that could use their skills!

Mrs BC said...

These look fantastic!! can't wait for the big reveal!

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

I love that you're never afraid to go BOLD :) I have project envy....I swear, I wish we'd picked an earlier wedding date just so we could start house projects again.

Michelle L. said...

Luuuuving the colors! And the up-and-at-em attitude!

Tanja @ Postmodern Hostess said...

Loving the look so far... can't wait to see the after. Since we moved into our new house after summer was over last year, we didn't get any outdoor furniture, and I've been assuming I need to get new stuff.... but what a great reminder that spray paint truly will fix anything up, and I should be on the lookout for secondhand pieces, too.