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Friday, April 20, 2012

A Sneak Peek: More Painted Pieces

So I had a doctor's appointment Thursday, which means I spent yesterday
having a blood transfusion.
Don't be silly, I feel like a million bucks today.
 I have my cape on and I'm ready to go.
In the meantime, Samwow was busy with the paint cans.
The Redhead came home to quite a surprise, pictures included.
Conservative wrought iron became the artist's choice of Spa Blue.
 "I wanted you to have it all done for the weekend."
 So pardon me, but I'm going to go outside and play now.
We'll see you Monday with some arrangements and suggestions to show you.
We have a great project involving small boxes to keep your entry organized.
 There's nothing like some fresh color to make your yard bloom...
 ...and we have a juicy selection of shades yet to use.
Plus all the cushions are getting a touch of sprucing.
 I love the citrus bursts that are appearing...
 ...they just sing Mockarita Time! in Jimmy Buffet's voice.
Used furniture looks completely different in an unexpected color, huh?
 Now, I have something a little weird to try.
 Of course we'll take photos.
Whether we succeed or fail.
Success is sweet.
Failure is hysterical.


Dharma said...

Agreed, success or failure, I'll be here to cheer (mock) you on! One mockarita for "the woman to blame" please. said...

They all look like they will be successes! I should be doing some of that myself....need to prep for the grad party.aahhh!!

Kim K. said...

Fabulous colors. Can't wait to see more. I crawled on my knees into the garage while the family was away at school yesterday to spray paint something. I'm not going to my temporary disability get in the way of "not" crafting!!


La Vie Quotidienne said...

Wow...these colors are so yummy. This project is going to be delicious~