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Monday, April 9, 2012

Freshen Up a Bit

Do you have a small odor problem?
Or a large one?
Are you tired of paying $3 to $7 apiece for air fresheners that have all the charm
of dirty socks?
Do you have a few Ball jars lying around now that you've
made the cookie kits from Christmas?
had a great idea that obliterates the charming scents and recycles the jars at once.
You'll need:
A Ball jar. What size? How bad does the room smell?
Some essential oil
A Pencil
Scrapbooking paper
A toothpick
Baking soda
Decorative elements, like shells and sea glass
Remove the circle of the lid and hang onto the ring.
Well, hang onto the circle too.
You never know, right?
Draw a circle around the lid on the back side of the scrapbook paper.
Using the toothpick, poke little holes in the paper.
How many?
A whole bunch.
Use those kindergarten cutting skills and snip the circle out.
Now, put about an inch or so of baking soda in the jar.
Sprinkle in a few drops of your favorite essential oil scent.
We chose an ocean breeze kind of thing.
A little aqua glitter...
Some shells and sea glass...a good shake...
Then put the paper over the mouth of the jat and screw the ring in place.
The baking soda absorbs those nasty stenches, and the oil perfumes the air.
When the scent fades, add a few more drops of oil and shake.
This cost mere pennies to throw together, and it will match your decor 
perfectly with your added elements.
No Ball jars?
Top a leftover jar with fabric tied with ribbon,
or paint the solid metal lid and poke some holes in it.
Get creative, and enjoy the freshness.
Can you smell a Mother's Day gift idea?


La Vie Quotidienne said...

What a great idea! I love it when the house smells nice. Thank you.

Michelle L. said...

Sunny, this is such a fabulous idea!!!

Don't have any cats, but I have a beagle. It's a known fact that beagles give off the pleasing scent of warm Fritos. Seriously, it's true! However, when company comes over, I would prefer my house to smell just the tiniest bit less Frito. Love your crafty solution! Off to implement, ASAP!