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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bunny Pranks

  Most of my real life friends are guys.
It's not that unusual, really.
I like trips to Home Depot. In my canvas flat shoes. To buy power tools.
Savannah is flailing into the world of nail polish without guidance, as I have no clue.
I can repair a ripped stuffed bunny or replace a toilet.
And the last time I was with a gal pal who dropped $65 on a pair of sandals,
I felt my throat close up.
 For every yin, there is a yang.
My husband's friends are mostly women.
He's a teacher, a math geek, and he loves to cook.
I think he likes shoes more than I do
(Okay, he owns a rainbow of Chuck Taylor high tops).
When the holidays roll around, he likes little gifts to tuck in their cubbies,
and that's where I come in.
Me, and the Dollar Tree.
I picked up bunny shaped eggs, small chocolates, and some glitter ornaments.
I already had a huge spool of curling ribbon.
 Pop a couple of little treats in each egg and tape it shut.
With my crew, this is for security reasons.
 We tied the ornaments onto a bunny ear and created a froth of curls.
Minutes later, I had a basket of little mementos for under 50 cents each.

 Tuck the eggs into a sweet little basket with Easter grass.
 Snicker softly.
You just handed this sparkly, pink and lavender beribboned
 mess to your 6'3", 130 pound shaved headed husband to transport.
Skip for me, Honey.
Was this really a project?
Was it fun to watch him leave the house with a bunny basket grasped in his meaty paw?
What do you think?

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