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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Come Sale Away!

I have a ton of projects in progress, but it's still raining,
so my computer turns to thoughts!

When I say I'm cheap, I'm dead serious.
I love pretty things, but I come by this red hair honestly;
 I am a frugal Scotswoman.
And I have my nasty little tricks, which lead to smug shopping triumphs.
I know you have yours too, and I think with Mother's Day, weddings, and vacations 
creeping up on us, we owe it to each other to divulge secrets.
So what do you say we peek into three of my favorite
sparkle sources and do some subtraction?
I get a huge kick out of Fantasy Jewelry Box.
This site specializes in celebrity fashion copies and cool baubles with a ton of shine.
I stick to gold and sterling when I buy my stuff (why spend money on baubles that will lose thier luster?), and they have plenty of pieces that fit the bill.
Audra's Fancy Green Cubic Zirconia Oval Necklace & Earrings Set-
  Originally $118.90 
 Sale Price:$84.95  
 So you could go with the $33.95 discount and call it a day.
 You could look for them separately!
Audra's Fancy Green Cubic Zirconia Oval Necklace - 
Final Sale $62.95  
Sale Price:$31.48
Audra's Fancy Green Cubic Zirconia Oval Stud Earrings -
 Final Sale $52.95  
Sale Price:$26.48 
Those of you playing our home version of the game have probably added up the separate 
totals and come up with the grand figure of $57.96.
That's a $26.99 difference!
Put the Visa away, I'm not done yet.
A quick Google search for Fantasy Jewelry Box coupons and discounts
gleaned me the code THANKYOU20.
What's that exactly?.

20% off the total, AND free shipping! 
So subtract another $11.59,
lowering this pretty set to $46.37.
Overall savings?
$72.53 from the original set price.
Yes, NOW get your Visa! 
Or shop at my go to web address, The Paragon for this little stunner set in sterling silver.
Originally $39.99, it's on sale for $19.99.
Not bad, eh?
Not good enough though.
Google told me to try the discount code 1010042
for an additional $5 off.
Bling on my neck, $25 back in my hot little pocket.
I could positively lick my security code.
Lastly, I LOVE Ross-Simons.
I have some wonderful bits of sparkle from them that even pre-date my marriage. 
I saw these and emailed the link to the husband and Minions in short order.
Admit it, they're ME.

 Retail: $230.00
Was: $115.00
Closeout: $75.00
Save $155.00 (67%) Off Suggested Retail!
(Translation: $40 off their price to start; they weren't charging $230.)
 Now, that's not bad, huh?
But I had to do the search thing, and I came up with another 25% off!
$56.25 is NICE!
The next day, when I sat down to order my Mother's Day gift,
 the code had expired!
Did I settle for adding $19 back on?!?!
Oh, hell no.
I called the company and asked if they'd give me the discount anyway.

Not only were they delighted to do so,
but there was an unadvertised special for a 32 inch 8MM
freshwater pearl necklace available with your order as a bonus;
originally $50, it was 60% off,
bringing it down to $20.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

These little ploys work with nearly any major (and some obscure) online catalogs.
Are you still paying whatever they ask?
Well stop it now!
Do you have any tips to share with us?
Spill it, babies, and let's do a little Momma Shoppin,' shall we?

(I received no compensation for any implied endorsement of the preceding
shopping sites. I just like handing them as little of my money as possible.)


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Dangerous post!!! I don't have any shopping tricks other than the aforementioned googling for discount codes. But...I'll be checking back for more!

Wedding Bands said...
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