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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Solar System: Part Two

There's nothing like enjoying your garden at night, but to do that, you need a little mood lighting.
If you didn't happen to cultivate your veggies and blooms near a power source,
you need alternatives, like yesterday's little lighted table.
 Now I love inexpensive commercial solar light stakes for the convenience and price,
but the look is a little too slick and industrial for this shabby gal.
Our next trick will give you a more rustic look for cheap.
Follow us...
You'll need the following for each light:
One pint Ball jar (you can recycle any jar that will fit too) $9.19 per dozen, so $0.77
One small solar stake light from Target, $1
Tape measure
Power drill with the biggest, most boss bit you own
Take the jar apart and measure the top of the lid to find the center.
Drill a hole the size of the circumference of the light stake.
Size matters, neatness doesn't.
Slide the stake through the hole thusly.
At this point, make sure the light is switched on and works.
Slide the ring on from the bottom over the lid,
and put the jar over the light so the solar panel rests on the glass.
Screw the jar to the lid.
Run a small bead of Goop adhesive around the opening.
It's now pretty watertight and you can still get in to change the battery when necessary.
$1.77 worth of funky lighting.
Place it just about anywhere.
It also makes a nice little lamp with those looks.
Make a few more while you've got daylight to burn.
You can burn the lights at night.
I hope you'll excuse me for being in love with these.
The jar even magnifies the glow.
These are more charming, certainly, and very affordable.
Perfect for your garden? Sure, but make a few extra.
Your Mom will be over Sunday, and that woman has a huge purse.


Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Oh I LOVE this idea :) Easy, inexpensive and kinda project. I bet your backyard is an oasis now after all of these new additions.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Awesomeness!! I don't know how you do it...but I love all of the ideas you come up with!

Blogger said...

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