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Monday, May 7, 2012

Solar System: Part One

If you have pets, and they have a large, fenced in yard in which to safely run amok,
 then you've had tables overturned.
I sometimes feel like my first ten minutes outside is spent setting the 
furniture right side up.
Now, you could just get rid of the pets.
Calm down, Stirling, I have a better idea.
We not only kept the peace in our house,
 but we also did a little lighting work simultaneously.
We'll be lighting up the garden all week without an extension cord, so get ready!
For each table, you will require:
4 cinder blocks, $1.15 each
1 decorator glass round table topper, $5.99
4 solar yard stakes, $1 each
Your choice of paint color, $3.49
1/2 bag of flat backed marbles from the Dollar Tree, $0.50
Goop adhesive
 This one's seriously easy, guys.
Lay the cinder blocks out and paint them. We used
Rustoleum Satin Aqua.
I'm making 2 tables, so we have 8 blocks getting the treatment.
While those are drying, take the table topper and set it on a level surface that
is free from cats. Make sure it's clean and dry.
Grab your Goop...
And draw an open design on the glass surface with it. 
Nothing complicated.
I wanted something open that would leave lots of room
to rest a glass, but that would discourage anyone resting a potted
plant on the surface.
Follow the line of Goop with flat backed marbles.
If it needs a little more impact...
...add more.
Now haul the blocks to the scene of the crime.
With the open ends pointing upward, put two together.
I am not going to use construction adhesive here, but you could.
I think the sheer weight alone will keep the blocks in place adequately.
Not to mention this is not the table's final resting place.
Stack the top two blocks going the other way for stability.
Go grab your glass table top...
...and 4 solar light stakes.
Making sure the stakes are on, place them in the wells created by the table.
Mine will be moved to the lower garden, so the stakes will go right in the ground.
You can put them in small pots of soil to hold them upright.
I have also toyed with the idea of Gooping the light portion of each stake to the underside of the glass, but I actually like the glow this project has with the stakes
a little further down.
Put a dot of Goop at the center of the structure and top it with the glass.
Wait for nightfall.
A little subtle light...
...a little sparkle from the gems...
...and a little spot to perch your Pinot Grigio.
Pop on over, I'll make the Sangria.
Total: $18.58
I've seen plastic tables for more than that
This is a good start to making our garden a magical after-dark
destination without any electricity required.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh so awesome!!! I am so doing this on my deck!! You make the best stuff...and yes please to the sangria!

Dharma said...

That is BRILLIANT! Pun intended. Loving the aqua and jewels :)

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

This truly is magical!! I'll take a Pinot Grigio or some Sangria, I'm not picky!!!