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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Schoooooooool's Out for SUMMER!

The end of the school year is upon us, and there is much joy and celebration!
Sure, your kids are happy.
 But I was talking about the teachers.
You guys all know that Sam teaches 7th grade math, right?
I think that explains why he's still eager to come home every night after 24 years.
One of his coworkers is retiring this year, so of course I put together a little something.
This would make a very nice teacher gift to mark the end of the year as well.
First, start with a straw bag from The Dollar Spot at Target for $2.50.
 These are actually sturdy, although less than attractive.
 For that, we'll need a trip to The Dollar Store.
Accompanying beverage of choice: Strawberry Lemonade.
And a little odd usage of the wristlets that came with the following lei...
 Take an inexpensive lei set that includes wristlets and a headband.
Cut the lei into two pieces the length of the straps.
 Then you simply eat the silk flowers hot glue the flowers to the 
handles of the bag.
 It's a good idea to arm them with weapons that will make it through a metal detector.
 Prepare to get your child back wet.
 These little coconuts come in a variety of colors and are great for 
any libation. The lid will keep it sand free.
Plus the matching hibiscus on top is just cute.
 Cheap, classic shades are a must.
I actually wear these all the time.
You didn't think I had $300 sunglasses, did you?
What would a beach bag be without flip flops?
But this brand of plain will never do. 
 The Dollar Tree fortuitously also has hibiscus bushes.
 Tie two blossoms together with elastic cord,
then tie them to the toe-separating thingy.
Yes, that IS the proper name.
Do not question The Redhead.
Once you have tied the flowers on,
 hit them with a big mess of hot glue.
 We don't want these coming apart like the cheap footwear they are.
 Pedalicious glamor.
Don't Google pedalicious; I totally made it up.
 Tuck it all in the bag with grand flair,
displaying the goodies.
 Have the best parts showing.
Tuck the Wayfarer wannabes dangling from the bag for panache.
 Tuck the toys so they are easily identifiable.
Slingshots are tricky.
Also tuck the change from your $10 back in your pocket.
This cost a whopping $9.50.
Spring for suntan lotion.

1 comment:

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

God bless Sam for being a 7th grade math teacher! Wow!! I bet the kids love him! Cay-ute end of year gift. Love it!! My Target Dollar bins aren't that good. I guess I have to get in there more often. My oldest has been done for two weeks -but graduation is Saturday and my youngest goes until the 15th!! I can't wait till she's done!