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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pusillanimous Proudly Powerful Painted Pugnacious Patriotic Planter

Okay, so the alliteration got slightly out of hand.
These things happen.
Around here, they happen more than in most households.
 I know you get Lowes Creative Ideas,
the free cornucopia of projects delivered generously to your door.
Then I'm sure you hit that section of their website
for gratis inspiration.
 Why are you shaking your head?
No matter, allow me to make the introductions.
The Tiki Torch Planter project above caught my attention immediately.
Solar lights, plants, height, presence, and portability-
$141 price tag???
Are you out of your 
*coughcoughcough* minds???
The lights alone come in at $26.98 per pair.
Time to dial down the bottom line.
  Choose 5 basic solar light stakes and take one with you to Home Depot.
Fit a dowel in the sleeve. Buy 5 of that size dowel.
Se them out on your workbench at home.
Now choose a spray paint color.
I went with chrome to evoke the tail of a rocket launching, but you can go with red, white,
blue, forest green, whatever suits your fancy.
Liberally spray those puppies until you have 3 coats and a nice, even color.
My solar lights are from The Dollar Tree.
Perfect for a Summer arrangement, eh?
Remove the plastic stakes. You won't need them for this project.
Hang onto them though.
You never know when you'll be attacked by plastic vampires.
Accompanying beverage: Raspberry Lemonade.
Make sure they all work.
Now then...
Vacate the boring grasses from a large terra cotta pot.
Replace them with red, white and blue.
Pentas make great stars, like fireworks.
Portulaca in fluttering white...
...and a burst of trailing blue.
These are all good for my zone, and compatible as they love bright sun.
Now for the finishing touches.
Poke your dowels in the dirt in varying heights.
Slide the sleeve of the solar stake over the dowel.
Okay, you're done.
Arrange them and adjust.

These will definitely direct your guests to the fun.
This will put out a lot of effortless light.

We have Feline Overlord Approval, so the project is a success!
Whip up several of these for season long lighting.
So as the sun sets over Chateau Inferno...
...all of us in Rehab wish you...
...a Memorial Day spent with friends, family, and the grill.
Grab a Mockarita, I'll see you outside!


Anniegi said...

Wow! This one blew me AWAY! So clever & ya, I'm right there with you, Sista on the bus to Dollar Tree! $141.00 ?!? Seriously? I LOVE your blog, way with words, your family, projects & photography (especially what's blooming!) You look great, by the way. However, my absolute favorites are your Feline Overlords pictures & prose. What a gift! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face while I read your posts. I wish we lived closer! Your Mockarita post rocked!

Anonymous said...

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