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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Emergency Proceedure

 Some pieces are beyond repair.
 Take this mirror for example.
Sure, it has sexy curves I lust after, and glass panels cut to follow the lines.
But the medallions are missing, it has termite damage,
and the finish?
It's finished.
 Toss it, right?
 Oh c'mon, you know better.
We need emergency TLC, stat!
Not to mention this is easier than it looks.
First, we need some new medallions.
The previous ones held the mirror panels in their housing.
We had one left, so Samwow pried it off with a flat head screwdriver.

Now remove the final section of mirror.
Clean the wooden frame up and choose a color.
We decided to give this beast a fresh coat of Rustoleum Gloss White.
The pits will be under the mirrors, so I'm not too concerned with them.
The medallions got a little Rustoleum Satin Aqua because,
well, we had a bunch left.
And I like the contrast.
Now, previously, the mirrors just slid into place.
I think we need something a little more secure.
Goop to the rescue!
We ran a thick, gloppy bead of this mess all around the frame,
anywhere that the backs of the mirrors would touch.

Ready to slide the separate panels into place?
Goop, Goop, Goop.
Reminds me of changing diapers.
You know, where you slide the baby into a tall kitchen bag, duct tape it
under his armpits and then seal the gaps so nothing leaked?
Fine, me neither, I used cloth.
But there were days after a few jars of strained plums where it was tempting.
Done slathering?
Let's finish this up.
Finish inserting the mirror panels.
I feel like I've said "mirror panels" an awful lot.
Does it seem like that to you guys?

I'm not sure how this looks.
Let's call in an expert.
Why hello, Boo.
This is Feline Overlord Inspector #2.
Her baleful gaze indicates we aren't done.
Goop the backs of the medallions...

...and press them into place.
We are less than satisfied.
We obviously needed more paws-on guidance at this point.
A little more to the left, please.

We must be finished. Boo left.

Not a bad revival.
A little paint and some new decorative bits and we have
a fresh piece prepared for more service up in my room.
I hope it does wide angles...
I'm feeling a little puffy.