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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tower of Terra...Cotta

Propagating is tricky business, and it can fail miserably
if your little cuttings, rootings, and seedlings are out of sight,
out of mind.
Even in a basket on the island, I couldn't see the water level, 
and I occasionally missed it evaporating to a point that 
caused my basil to die of thirst.
Not to mention I needed more room.
The following descent into madness also makes a nifty plant stand.
  Head over to Home Depot and load the following into your cart:

4 five inch terra cotta azalea pots, $0.59 each  ($2.36)
10 inch terra cotta saucer $2.69
12 inch terra cotta saucer $6.98
14 inch terra cotta saucer $9.48
Goop adhesive
The tail ends of any combination of paints your heart desires. I used Rustoleum Gloss in 
   Berry Pink, Grape, Spa Blue, and Key Lime
 Step one: haul your pieces outside and douse them in your shade of choice.
 The saucers need to be painted on both sides. You can skip painting the insides of the pots to save product and time.
No one will ever see the insides...
Feel free to use any color combination that matches your kitchen or home as well.
 Since it's raining again, place everything on newspaper.
Ignore those small saucers; they have nothing to do with this project.
 Using Goop, glue the open end of an azalea pot to the center of the 14" saucer.
 Goop the top...
 ...and adhere the bottom of a second pot to it.
Press down and allow it to dry.
Repeat this with the 12" saucer.
 Once those two stacks are dry, start Gooping again
Set the 10" sacer on top of the stack above the 12" saucer.
 Here comes the tricky part.
Set the 12" saucer on the pot above the 14" saucer.
The 10" will be at the top, the 12" in the center, and the 14" is the base.
Go walk away and do something with all those 4" saucers 
that keep appearing in the photos.
The bottom tier is a great size for rooting vases.
Mine are a fine collection of place card holders from Goodwill
and recycled reed diffuser bases. 
I Can't Believe It's Not Wine! by Sidra Sparkling Apple Cider.
Let's clean up this mess while it finishes drying.
This is headed for the island where I can fuss over my plant nursery often.
 At the top, I've positioned experiments to see if they root.
This will also hold seeds left from dinner prep until I have time to
 plant them in the raised beds.

 The center shelf is sized to hold mini pots for root-toned cuttings or 
newly planted seedlings.
 The bottom holds my tried and true herbs and flowers that I'd like more of.
$21.51 so my babies have proper supervision?
Cheapest day care ever.
Imagine this on your patio with little succulents and bromeliads.
Imagine it in oil rubbed bronze or forest green.
THERE we go, now you want to make one, right?
The candle holders compliment it nicely, don't you think?


Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I love it! Such bright colors and great way to keep it all in one place! Love those candle holders too!

Carmen Ferreira said...

muito lindo e útil seu trabalho, os castiçais ficaram maravilhosos... amei

Olive Cooper said...

Brilliant. You would be appalled at how I root things here. Mostly in the window in a wee vase or directly in soil.