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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

27 Pairs of Shoes

The need for shoes, also known as Retifism, is often thought of
 as a disorder with unsavory connotations.
Let's face it, Girls, the need for shoes is pretty basic.
Although I'm not a fan of heels, and I cling to the comfort
of the rainbow of flats you see each Saturday in my self-indulgent sneak peeks,
 I do have a hoard of footwear.
These little canvas, leather, and sequined gems deserve just as much
organizational consideration as any Monolo Blahnik to me,
and should certainly not be spending their days languishing heaped in a basket.
I decided to rescue 27 pairs of my babies for now.
Would you like to join me in a relatively free, yet wholly free standing solution?
Was that a resounding yes?
 Good! You get the glasses, I'll get the hot glue.
Actually, any seriously sturdy box, like a juice pouch container, will do.
Collect as many boxes as you will need per pair of footwear.
Open the solid end.
There should be a handle or ventilation in the back, as shown.
 Now cut the flaps off using cheap scissors from the Dollar Tree.
 Make sure your shoes fit happily inside the box.
 Have a Minion do the rest of the prep work.
No Minions available for the drudgery?
Then you're stuck like Chuck.
Start cutting.
Once all the fronts are off the boxes, stack them just for an idea on height, width, 
and to mess around.
My unit will be 9 boxes high and 3 boxes wide.
Using the miracle of duct tape, secure each column of nine together
By wrapping the front and the back.
The fiasco project thus far, with official Spokesminion.
Using the same complex front and back technique, tape the three columns together.
 The shoes are giddy with anticipation.
 Choose a color that clashes with everything compliments your decor...
 And paint the outside.
Let it dry completely; remember, it's load bearing paint.
 Now, with a little blue painter;s tape and newspaper, protect that outer coat.
 I painted the interior black to hide any dirt and with the misguided
notion that this would hold up better.
Now, we need to let the paint dry, so we're going to do something we rarely do...
leave you with a cliff hanger!
Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of this project!


Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

Am I to take this as a sign that Franzia is your wine of choice? :) Great idea, as always.

Life in Rehab said...

Well, it sure was until September 13th! Someone needs to invent some non-alcoholic wine with a little character, I swear!

Michelle L. said...

Loving it! "Load bearing paint" - brilliant! Yet scary.