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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Tenth Day of Catmas

 "Paint me like one of your French girls!"
On The Tenth Day of Catmas. our pledges were kept.
The house was just sparkling, the hardwood was swept.
And during our flurry, we caught up on some things,
Just a few projects to give our rooms zing!
Some are for show, some to be gifted,
Some things are new, some recently thrifted.
We hope to delight you, amaze and impress.
Smidgeon though doubts it. It's why she's depressed.
Nearly ANYTHING can be a Christmas frill.
I wanted something a little wild to trim out our bar.
Hey, I'm the color freak, right?
I took some basic pine garland as a traditional base to anchor it...
and that's where traditional ends.
After that, it's feather boas from The Dollar Tree...
Mardi Gras masks from the same store, tiaras, white lights...
...and leftover Fat Tuesday beads for even more sparkle!
With a peacock themed holiday, the feathers fit right in!

And strapped to a bar, it all screams,
Next, by the fireplace, we stood all of the logs vertically in a wine crate.
I tucked in pine boughs to give the room a fabulous smell, then wound in white lights.
No boring storage here!
Candlelight always looks good.
We started with white pillars from Walmart in a spruce scent.
Added heights for fun, anchored them in a painted basket, and surrounded them with potpourri.
Then we added the same bisque ornaments we have dotting the tree to tie it in
and reflect the white.
Silver and glass give it height and shine in all the texture.
Speaking of texture, how about some minute baskets?
We'll take a little fiberfill stuffing and a tint square of fabric.
Wrap the red around the cotton.
Hold the ends closed.
Pop that in the basket, and you have a tiny picnic!
Add some rustic twine as a hanging loop.

Now, add those to your kitchen tree!

Our tree, covered in copper sprayed toy cookware, is pine boughs in a crystal
vase all tied and shaped with twine.

These were easy to make in just a couple of hours from Dollar Tree playsets.

We set it in a tray in case of spills and then wound some leftover cushion fabric around the base.

It's a towering focal point in the kitchen for about $5.
My snowglobe craze is continuing.
Stemless wine glasses with tiny trees glued to the bottom have a dusting of fluffy snow added.
I also used little clear rose globes.
The lids of dollar store candy dishes are inverted and affixed to the base
with a bead of Goop waterproof silicone adhesive,
then we just added a pillar for a wintery candle scape!
With the candle, the cost is about $3!
And why stop there?
Almost ANY glass container makes a great waterless snowglobe.
Add village figures for little frosty scenes.
This white marble cheese dome from Goodwill makes a perfect park.

Nothing here is glued down either, so there's no commitment.
This canister makes a good play area.

I kept my backdrop simple and frosty with icy blues to compliment a perfect,
clear holiday afternoon in the snow.
Whatever snow is.

Have you always wanted trees all around the house, bur the cost and storage turn you off?
How about an olive jar with a few pine trimmings and a foam
snowflake on a skewer?
Add leftover ribbon and scatter, people, scatter!
No actual village to display?
How about quilt batting for snow, pine boughs in tall vases... collection of candle house, our frosty painted gnomes and a dusting of white glitter?
Add battery tealights, and we have your attention.
A couple of silver birds watch the whole thing from on high.
I love those cinnamon pine cones they sell!
Of course, mine are just gathered from the local park and sprinkled
with fragrance oil, popped in a plastic bag, and shaken.
The snowflake bells are a nice counterpoint to the rustic cones.
We're almost done!
We have two more last minute ideas to share,
plus we have a special surprise for you on Christmas Day!!

Thanks for stopping by, and we'll see you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You're not kidding when you said you made a bunch of the terrariums! Wow!! Very impressive. I love your candle house/gnome village. That is so cute!!