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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Eleventh Day of Catmas

 The Eleventh Day of Catmas, and we resort to repeat.
Are we out of cats? No, they're fast on their feet!
 "Have you seen Mustang? Or Arthur? Or Ed?"
They've taken up residence under my bed.
 Poor little Nosy was lured with catnip
And rendered quite docile in Samwow's iron grip.
We then heard her a-howl and she shimmied away,
 "Check your shoes for dead mice, there will be Hell to pay!"
 Wine boxes are wondrous!
Why, in an instant, any bottle of wine can be transformed
into a luxurious gift!
These seem well worth the $10, right?
Unless, of course, the wine in question is a cheap, tawdry 
Walmart chardonnay with a three dollar price tag.

 Grab the following things you'll find lying around:
An oatmeal box
Red wrapping paper
A scrap of wire
Black ribbon
Fuzzy wired white ribbon
Wire cutters
 Remove the lid.
 Set the box on the paper and measure the paper to fit around it 
with just about 1/4 inch extra.
Fold the raw edges (that would be the 1/4 inch).
 Tape an end to the box.
Wrap the paper around and tape it in a couple of places to secure.
 Now for that ribbon.
 Take the wire...
 ...and loosely use the ribbon as a guide to form a square.

This little tail is important.
 We're going to slide a bit of tape over it to attach the 
rectangle to the box.
Press the rest of it flat.
You just made a buckle.
 Thread the ribbon through it...
...tie it in the back...
 ...and secure with a touch of tape.
 Cut two length of the wired fuzzy stuff to go all around the box.
 Twist them in the back at the top and bottom and dot with tape.
 Adjust anything that looks funky.
 Drop your embarrassingly cheap thoughtful gift into the box.
 Snap on the lid and stick a fork in it, cuz baby, you
Now you can get on with more important things,
like GPOY shots of your new Walmart turtleneck covered in Santa
hats that sure seemed like a good idea at the time.
No, really,
I swear I don't drink.
We'll see you tomorrow for one last Catmas Calamity!

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