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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The "Sixth" Day of Catmas!

We missed Two Days of Catmas and the Mom of the Bunch
Was angry enough to eat us for lunch!
 "We've let readers down, they may cease their stalking!
And if so I assure you the whole clowder's walking!"
 She scooped up the hat and at a right rakish angle
Encouraged us to pick up hot glue and spangles.
Then we all heard her screech as we scrambled in fear,
"Get your Hoomin butts moving or I'll shred your fat rears!"

Simple, inexpensive, recycled...
some of my favorite words!
I kind of live for that.
My best friend Michael is a big, hairy guy who likes to build stuff and shoot things.
He does not quite get my glitter thing.
So when I got an excited text from him one night that read,
"Carolyn and I are at a party, and wait til you see this!
I'm sending pics to your email!", I knew it was going to be something good!
 You'll need to accumulate the following hot mess:
Clean jars in various sizes
Cute little fake trees. These are from Home Depot, 21 assorted sizes for $7
Fluffy fake snow, $8
Hot glue. and glue sticks
 4 oz of this stuff goes a long way!
 With just a dab of glue, affix the tree to the lid.
You'll be able to take this apart later if you want.
 While take takes 30 seconds to set, sprinkle about an inch of snow in the jar.
 Screw the lid on.
 And you have one of the easiest things I've ever thrown together.
 No fuss, no leaks, no glycerin, and it's light enough to ship as a gift.
The really cool part?
Uh huh.
One gorgeous mini Winter Wonderland whipped up in a jiffy!
Tomorrow we'll have two more ideas to catch up,
so come on back and let's get this all done, shall we?

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