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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweater Weather

Something I noticed the year...
did you see it?
Everything for Winter was wrapped in...sweaters!
And I have been solidly in love with the cozy look.
To be honest, I haven't really associated it with Christmas as much as just
Winter, but let's take advantage of that, shall we?
We can shift gears from all the sparkle to warm, snuggle up, settle down comfort.
Start with a trip to Target, and take advantage of their after
Christmas clearance sale!
And I mean EVERYTHING is 50% off.
I'm going to start upstairs.
Now, you're probably wondering why I worry about warm and cozy.
It's 54 degrees this morning, Besties.
I know, that's shorts weather for some of you, but I own 2 pairs of socks,
and I don't own a coat.
Cold is relative.
Warm starts with flannel.
Layers of cozy flannel and quilts, to be precise.
A throw at the bottom of the bed makes for a convenient nap
without having to remake the bed.
The quilt takes you on a walk through the forest.
Not Christmassy..
Just woodsy.
I already have a tailored denim bedskirt as a neutral base.
It goes with everything without being beige,
like a pair of your favorite jeans.

Let's drop a second skirt in red over it.
I pinned that one short to let the blue flirt from underneath.
Duvet covers are a marvelous thing.
They take up the space of a sheet when folded, so you only
need one comforter in your life.
This one in muted green flannel with shots of red, cream,
and brown lightens the overall color scheme.
But it still looks great with the red and black sheets.

This says...okay.
I say we GO for it.

We'll pile it on.

A drift of pillows just adds to the sink in, inviting feel.
Zip-on covers can stay on the forms and just get rotated,
making storage a non-issue.
Now, what did I haul home?
Touches of cable knit ornaments, sliced to $1.50.
Huge felt snowflakes at $ can afford a flurry.
These gift tie ons of laser cut balsa wood on felt match perfectly.
Shatterproof with just a touch of shine, these were wonderfully frosty
and still in the knitted motif.
Plaids, velvets, and fur just add to the look.
I tucked in a few pine cones I spritzed with silver for a touch of ice.

Before you can get a roaring fire going, your headboard is cozy and bright.
This woven, over-sized placemat reverses to the negative
and works for the whole season.
LOVE the soft, mossy green.
Candles add to the romance,
which IS the idea up here, right girls?
I'll add a clear bowl there to corral pocket contents by the door.
And then...oh, hi there.
Anyone have a brush?
Anyway, back to the pretty stuff.

The vase came home for a paltry $6.50.
Had to.
Loved it.
Add some curly willow, and it's perfect.

How could I say no to details like these?
I've been stalking it for weeks.

Our we ready to wrap this up?

Let's take a look.
Cue the full view.
Climb in there with a good book and a mug of hot cider, and you're all set.
The mattress pad is heated, with dual his and hers controls.
When he's too hot and my toes are popsicles,
there's no argument.
Score one more point for perfect comfort and wedded bliss.
The comforter would be undented if I could keep him OFF of it during the shoot!
But I suppose that means its magnetic pull is working.
Total cost for the ornaments, vase, and placemat to compliment my existing linens?
This will remain in place until Spring too.
Too much for your pocket?
Tomorrow we have a Goodwill sweater to dissect,
and for $2, we're going to have a lot of accessories.


Michael said...

I see you're FINALLY paying homage to the North Country..... smirks. Well done, Girl.... Love it!!!

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

This is adorable. You did a killer job on that bedframe. And I, too, love the sweater trend.

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Oh I think I missed it all! I'm sure it will all be gone by the time I get there! Love all the sweater touches!