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Monday, December 10, 2012

Stuff It!!!

14 days.
 2 weeks.
 1 fortnight.
Are you done yet?
Neither are we!
 So let's take a little stroll through some stores that know how to
Do. It. UP.
Pier 1 was first on the hit list.
Grab a cool rolling shopping basket and let's cause some mayhem!
 This cutout runner was a stunner.
The mix of colors, textures, and all that embroidery had a holiday sheen
that beckoned me over.
Thom is freakishly strong though and steered me away with the kind of admonishment
generally reserved for a three year old playing with nitroglycerin. 
 Got a baker on the list?
How about these little china measuring spoons for $14.99?
 Even my desserts would look good served on this.
 The colloquialism "adorbs" was invented specifically for these teensy,
tiny little table scatter gifts in shimmery red and silver.
I can think of tons of things to use them for, from vase filler 
to yard decorations for my porcelain village.
Or you could, you know...scatter them on the table.
A nutcracker just MADE for a shopping diva,
this glamor girl will brighten the fashionista mantle nicely.
If you'd rather stay vaguely traditional, how about a buy one, get two free
nutcracking totem machine? 
 Scary bearded guys with working jaws not your thing?
The snowmen are vertical these days too.
 It turns out that my choice of theme for this year is wildly popular.
How wild?
Pier 1 had a peacock section.
 Don't worry...I'll be back for you!
 There were enough baubles for the tree to drive me orna-mental.
 The colors were dizzying.
 Savannah was a little ball of
while we scampered through the aisles.
 Not only did we find all things peacock, including a candle snuffer...
...bright, glittery clip ons...
...diffuser sets...
...but bevvies of penguins adorning EVERYTHING...
...including this sweet little bracelet.
 There were wonderful gifts for the wine aficionado in your life.
 These fat little guys will personalize your glass and elicit a smile
that has nothing to do with the pinot grigio.
 Bow tie and all, he's dressed for the soiree.
 My favorite was this blown glass tree decorated with charms.
 Bonus: you won't be scrambling through the drawers trying to find them
 when company calls.
I can't even show you all the hand painted wine glasses.
We'd be here for HOURS.
 I know these are easy enough to make,
but the finished product are like a cloudy tidal pool, and you won't 
burn yourself on hot wax.
 That's a whole lotta sea side shine.

For all of your friends who dress for coffee.
 How do you choose?
 We know owls are huge, and this little reactive glaze baby

that holds a tea light would be a great gift for an older teen
 or young adult.
Or me.
You could give it to me.

 With these on your dresser, I'm not sure what would be prettier,
the jewelry or the box.
 This deceptively sparkly chest... an organization freak's dream!
Let's see, my freshwater pearl toursade would fit top right, and...
 Hold the phones, an aqua peacock living room!
 From fur rug to glitter cone trees, this over the top setting is full of luxe ideas.
 And the tree?
It's a sumptuous aviary!
 Look for this Friday in our tree topper project!
 This mask was a whopping $40, and well worth it.
Imagine this crowning your spruce.
It's a carnival on a stick, I swear!
 It stayed at the store...but not in spirit.
 What's the last destination you visited on vacation?
They'll have a city ornament to keep those memories close.
Better yet, how about one signalling where you WANT to go?
The well dressed cephalopod  will be sporting glitter this season.
 A little fantasy hummingbird came home with us to roost as my mother's
ornament this year.
This loopy froth of sparkle and gems is a wonderful topper...
but what fun would that be?
We added this to the basket and adopted him happily.
 Now we have a thing about home scents.
Apple, cinnamon, and pine are our favorites this time of year.
This little pot of garnet gel would tuck nearly anywhere, with a bonus...
...a cutwork lid!
The paper underneath is removed to diffuse the fragrance.

A leafy bower of gold and ruby could cradle a collection of decorative ornaments now,
but gourds and pine cones starting in September.
I like things that work over multiple seasons.
 Savannah ran amok with the camera for a bit and found these
gold orbs with stylized plumage.
More than I would pay, but great inspiration.
 Here's a frame that would raise any photo to star quality.
 Crystal-tipped hooks would hold jackets in style...
or stockings with extra care.
 Mingle in the jingle.
 A little explosion of color and sound for your ears, fingers or neck
would make you as well decorated as the rest of the house.
 I'm sensing a hint...
With smaller people to buy for, you need not only whimsey, but unbreakability.
Add LED lights, and we have a winner!
 Art glass is a good gift.
Art glass on clearance is a spectacular gift.
 If you're feeling a bit like a showy breed yourself, this mirror
will frame your look properly.
 Oh, Savannah, hand the camera back.
 Like me, are you the black sheep of the family?
 This set blurs the line a little.
Anyone in the family fond of saying,
"When pigs fly!!!"?
Tired of the predictable tree?
They have that covered.
 How about this on the wall for a last peek before you scramble out the door?
 Those big organizer entry rooms in newer houses would make a great spot for this display.
The grapevine sleigh would be fabulous for kindling too.
 Girlie is good...
 ...but it's time for these boots to stroll our purchases to the car.
We have several more places to hit, and the first day of Catmas is Wednesday!
Meet us back here tomorrow for stocking stuffers $10 and under...
wayyyyyyyyyyyy under...
and then starting Wednesday, we'll start making some great little gifts that start under
20 cents.
Dead serious.
Now get in the van.
We have candy and puppies.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Stranger Danger!!!

Im lusting after that octopus ornament!

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

i might have to spring for one of those colorful little piggy banks. too cute.