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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stuff It!!! The Sequel

 Tomorrow begins the 12 Days of Catmas,
12 full days of quick and easy crafts to help you get your holidays DONE!!!
And yes, that includes preempting our usual lame Saturday and Sunday posts!
But we're going to get one more flurry of shopping done
with some cool little finds to nab at the last minute.
 And you know where we've got to start!
 Macy's is nearly a pop icon for Christmas.
Who hasn't seen Miracle on 34th Street?
There's something about the store that just makes me need a few walks through.
If you never even open your wallet while there,
the decorations are always a calming shot of retail artistry.
And the sale prices?
Wait til you see what we found under this sign!
Every woman needs a glistening bit of holiday jewelry to turn a plain sweater festive.
I have a little silver cardinal that I almost can't wait to dig out year after year,
but if I didn't this would have been in a bag in minutes.
Not a pin gal?
These delicate little snowflakes have a smidgeon of iridescence
  that would compliment any outfit, and what a cute little gift
for a high school or college girl!
I have a tradition of giving these to Savannah to remind her that
she's one of a kind.
Watches have moved into the non-essential category since we all carry phones,
so to tempt you into wearing it, a timepiece has to stand out.
A glittered band and crystals in motion will have your wrist drawing glances.
 Classic and cute, this Scottie Brooch would be my choice for an older relative,
but my daughter SQUEEEEEED,
so consider it hip.
 The glitter on this cardinal sports a thick layer of clear enamel.
No mess when this bird perches.
 The nice thing about snowflakes is they aren't just a Christmas icon,
they symbolize Winter itself, making them a good choice for
giving to friends of different faiths.
Is this enough dancing sparkle?
Dangling from your ears, these will give your style a nice shot
of merry and bright.
 What's better than an attention getting blossom?
Matching earrings!
This unusual ensemble is a nice take on the familiar flower,
and it would rev up a red sweater like nothing else.
Just remember...the idea is to wrap them and
give them away. 
Stop by Family Dollar on your travels for some surprisingly cool things to acquire.
The holidays are not time for a bad hair day.
I'm in love with this fur hairband backed in satin.
It comes in lots of different patterns and runs a paltry $3!
 I love these little reactive glaze salt and peppers.
At $1 a set, have a few on hand for quick drop byes as a gift.
 And if you have a teenager, how about a clip on fiber optic light up hair
extensions in purple, green, or blue?
 At $2, you'll get a lot of squeals for your money.
 Now if you hop over to Walmart, you'll find some sparklies for $2,
like these little falls of pearl, crystals and silver.
I swear this is my last modeling stint.
This bracelet with a claw clasp comes in silver and gold.
 The matching necklaces are also $2, so you really could jingle all the way.
 Now what to wear with them...?
 Glittery penguins?
 Christmas bulbs with flashing lights?
 Kittens with earmuffs?
All still $2.
Can't decide?
 Tuck a few bills in a little chrome finish piggy bank for $3.88
and give the gift of shopping!
 This little cardboard container with a ribbon handle is from Target for $1.
I hung several on the tree to corral tiny packages.
 We hope we've given you some good ideas, but if $1 is still over your budget,
never fear....
...tomorrow's creations are under TWENTY CENTS EACH!
See you then...

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Musings from Kim K. said...

So many cool things! Makes me think I need to sneak away from work for a bit of shopping! Can't wait for Catmas!