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Friday, December 28, 2012

Organization Porn: Commit a Neatness!

I started on today's project.
Pinned and measured.
Could. Not. Find the adhesive.
 As I looked around the hastily packed away totes of clutter, I realized...
I gotta get this crap ORGANIZED!!!
 Monday, we'll have tons of projects, tips, clutter busters, and redos,
starting with 3 projects from one cardigan.
But today, we're going to get our hearts racing with a little flip through some
Organizational Porn!
I'd love this in a space dedicated to music and reading.
Maybe not in pink...
 Clean and simple~
I'd die in minutes here, but it's a nice thought.
 Mixing this many patterns is tricky, but this sunny little landing spot works. Add
a basket for shoes, and you have a clean house.
The entryway is an obsession with me.
If you have spots for everyone to drop their gear EASILY,
the clutter stops there.
 It doesn't have to be complex...
...or expensive...
...just convenient...
 And everyone needs a slice of it all their own.

 If the mess is corralled, the rest of the house has a prayer.

 And your workspace comes next.
 Dragged in broken off the curb...
 ...tucked out of sight...
 ...fitted into a nook...
...or splashed across a wall... onlu has to be ONE thing...
...perfectly organized.
 THAT is what January will be devoted to.
 Every corner of Chateau Inferno is going to get fixed.
 Cozy up, pare down, get it together.
 Got a trouble spot?
 Come play with us then.
 By Groundhog Day, I want to know where every shred of our possessions is.
Every earring, pencil, blanket, and pair of sunglasses is going to have a home.
 Make a list, Besties...
...and let's Commit a Neatness!

1 comment:

Dharma said...

I AM IN! Taking the first week of the New Year off to start committing some neatness' mydarn self :) Good luck to you.