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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Second Day of Catmas

It's Day Two of Catmas, and through the Chateau,
All creatures are cowering beneath the fake snow.
 Come see lowered spirits, observe the raised brows,
And eviscerated mice hanging from the fir bows.
The felines are snarling, their glares are quite scary,
Which might inspire you to pose the following query...
 Why do we do this? Oh why, you all wonder!
Simple: We love having our flesh torn asunder.
 Is there a ringing in your ears?
How about a jingling?
This garland with 16 cute little bells is from The Dollar Tree.
 Unpackage them and snip them apart, leaving some of the cord.
You'll need jump rings and earring hooks, $2 a package each at Walmart
for a lot more than 16.
And we're going to nab another 10 yard roll of thin satin ribbon from Walmart,
this time in aqua blue, for $0.47.
Step One: Put the jump ring on the earring hook.
Step Two: For God's sake, get a manicure.
Step Three: Pop the top off of the jingle bell.
They seem to use either dog snot or icing as adhesive, so you can do this with a thumb nail.
Untie the cord from the hasp so it's longer, or thread a different bit of cord through it.
Step Four: For God's sake, get a manicure.
 Step Five: Put the cap back on and tie the bell to the jump ring.
 Step Six: Make this look complicated and difficult by using a lot of photos.
 Make sure this is tied tightly.
Step Seven: Cut about 8 inches of ribbon and slip it through the loop in the bottom of the hook.
Step Four Hundred and Ninety-two: Tie a widdle bitsy bow.
 And we're done.
No, seriously.
Now make a whole mess of these.
Because everyone who sees them is going to want them.
And that's okay, you can afford it!
Per Pair Pricing?
Bells: 12 cents
Findings: 15 cents
Ribbon: 1 cent
28 cents per pair.
A little more than a quarter.
For Realz.
Let's get the whole place jingling!
These take minutes to knock out too, so get busy and you'll be done in an hour!


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I have a caroling party to go at the end of the month with the cast of the last play I did. The invitation says to wear your most jingleriffic outfit, so I think I have to make up these to give to attendees! Im the costume designer do my jingleriffic has to be the best!!!

Life in Rehab said...

Hey, PJ, I'm glad you like them! We have my daughter's campus making merry little sounds now!

Musings from Kim K. said...

What fun! Happy Catmas!