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Sunday, December 30, 2012

What's Blooming? The Rehab Christmas Roundup

 Christmas in South Florida is only going to be white if
someone drops the powdered sugar.
But we have our own brand of tropical magic here, and to me,
you can't beat it with a sugar cane.
 We have tons of things in bloom, like the Christmas Cactus that lives on my patio.
Or orchids preparing to burst into bloom.
 Pentas doing a starry show.
 Greenery spilling blossoms in showers.
But the big show started in the kitchen with my brunch quiches.
 Both are a mix of caramelized onions, portobella mushrooms simmered in Madeira,
Mexican cheese mix for a sharper flavor, and broccoli florets.
One has spicy pork sausage lining the pie crust to satisfy the carnivores
 Both reheat nicely the next day when you're exhausted.
 Served with this was Spumonti (a sweet Italian sparkling wine)
or sparkling non-alcoholic apple juice, both with pink grapefruit juice.
It's an unexpected take on a mimosa, and will be served New Year's Eve as well.
Christmas Eve Dinner, The Feast of the Seven Fishes, started with stuffed clams.
 Cioppino was ladled over linguine for a pescetarian delight.
 Snow crab, swai, large shrimp, sea scallops and mussels in a tomato and chardonnay sauce
 is a light choice, and it keeps well on a buffet.
 Fried oysters rounded out the seven in traditional Southern way
with a cornmeal crunch.
 My husband's homemade rustic bread is a must.
"The sponge" is started the night before for an extra crisp crust and a chewy
texture that's impossible to purchase.
 Dessert that night was a family favorite, a twist on the traditional trifle.
 Layers of chocolate cake and cheesecake mousse added up to decadence.
 A slather of vanilla whipped cream was criss-crossed with
caramel ice cream topping, then dotted with a galaxy of white chocolate stars.
 There were second helpings.
 Christmas night was our usual lobster bisque, prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, roasted root vegetables, and Salmon Wellington.
 Creme Brulee finished the meal off with a light note, filled with
 vanilla beans and then torched to crispy perfection.
 I barely got these shots before they disappeared.
Hungry yet?
Now, onto the melee!

 Momma got a new toy from the Minions!
 I get the tools...
 ...while Dad gets the cast iron griddle...
...and the copper and stainless cookware that got me Wife of the Year.
Homegoods RULES.

My theme this year for the children was tabletop games,
and they went full on old school arcade with foozeball, air hockey,
bowling, basketball, ping pong and ladder bolo. 
 I think they'd all forgotten how much fun toys without batteries were!
BUT, I also came up with Android Tablets, so no one went into Technology Shock.
These charge and synch up with the laptops.
 Ninjabread Cookies!
 I was actually seen in something other than black
...another Christmas miracle...
to show off my white topaz necklace and earrings from my loving hubs.
The Redhead loves her sparklies.
 Eventually everyone settled down for movies and a snuggle.
We hope your holidays were as perfect as ours.
Happy Sunday.


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Looks like a lovely time to me! My Sam is drooling over the seafood!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

You look gorgeous in that green sweater!! I think you are wife of the year with that pot!!! Looks like a lovely/perfect holiday!