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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Seventh, er, Eighth Day of Catmas

Twas the Eighth Day of Catmas, the day quickly was coming!
 But we were still behind, so Murray was bumming.

 His eyes were like slits, his nose was all mottled,
You could tell with a glance his emotions were bottled.
 We heard him exclaim as he slunk off to pout...
 "Get this thing off my head and crank some stuff out!"
 Did you see these at Target and Walmart this year?
 Cute enough, but the colors were...weird.
For $1, however, I could handle the rather garish shades.
Especially since a little Rustoleum Gloss White evens the playing field.
 Once that was dry, we wrapped those rascals in plastic food wrap.
 Then let's give his chapeau a little sparkle with some Rustoleum Chrome.
 Not bad?
 Not done.
 Hi there.
 Okay, just a little school glue around the brim.
 Schmear it a tad.
 Now, with a light hand, sprinkle just a touch of glitter on th....
 ...never mind.
Saturate that sucker.

Allow this to dry.
 Now, jar plus gnome... snow...
 ...equals Winter!

It is gnome, Kaleesi.
Simple, frosty, and we were able to haul in a
Game of Thrones reference.
And wait till you see how this is all adding up!


Gail said...

Cute! I love gnomes! But, Kaleesi? I sure do miss the Game of Thrones episodes! Can't wait to see how it all adds up.

Jane @ The Borrowed Abode said...

You are the mistress of the rhyme. . Also, I love those gnomes!!