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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Fifth Day of Catmas

 On The Fifth Day of Catmas, there was fear in the air!
 Enough to elicit a serious glare.
 Our Emo was anxious, and not very jolly.
 She considered our antler based efforts a folly.
 Her struggle was epic, our persistence was too!
 We held her in a vise like grip with hot glue.
 We heard her snarl as she escaped from her plight....
"There'd better be cans in my future tonight!!!"

Have you ever wanted a gourmet holiday tree in your kitchen?
Yeah, me too.
 When you price the ornaments, however, you may break out 
in very expensive hives.
This little saute pan in $7.
Each miniature utensil?
Five. Flipping. Dollars.
 So how do you show the chef on your list that his efforts in the kitchen make you melt
like warmed chocolate?
 Why, you hit The Dollar Tree!
 I hoarded three sets of realistic mini cookware.
Mind you, the silver is cool enough, but copper?
Copper just screams, "I own this kitchen!" doesn't it?
Take your pots and wrap the handles in plastic kitchen wrap.
 Haul them outside.
 You should have a little copper Rustoleum left from the Fall pumpkins.
 3 light coats on the bottoms...
 ...will give you the perfect illusion.
 While that's drying, get some nice rustic twine.
 Tie it in a hanging loop.
 Any utensils that have a hole in the handle are fair game.

 Easy enough?
 Get them all done.
If there isn't a hole, use a little Goop.
Goop the lids and pot handles as well.

 Allow this all to dry for a couple of hours.
Now, put some fresh cut pine boughs in a vessel and wire them to create a tree.
Hang your sumptuously awesome ornaments!
 And I'm sorry...
 ...but this quick, easy little project...
...costs less... 
...than ONE online ornament!
Total price?
With paint and twine...somewhere under $3.50.
Show up with this, and the host will make sure you get more than your share of crab puffs!


Unknown said...

Very, VERY clever! I've used those types of $tore play cooksets in mobiles, but hadn't *even* thought of this use! Thanks!

Michelle L. said...

Such a great idea! The copper cladding just makes it - only you would think of that!

Laura S Reading said...

I came for Catmas but wow- the kitchenware is amazing!