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Monday, August 13, 2012

Please Sir, I Want S'More

Oh, by the way, my virtual besties and neighbors, from now on,
when we go traipsing on our Saturday excursions,
THIS will be our ride.
Meet Marathon, my new '05 Kia Sedona Rehab Mobile,
with a roomy rear end ready to handle shopping, hauling, and scavenging.
God help us all.
 I'd like to take you back a few weeks to this little project.
Put them together with fire, and you have this.
Which I seriously dug.
 Commenter Susan said, "What I really love about this particular project is that, I think, they would be just as nice if flipped the other way round.
 I can see them being used on a platter of chips holding the salsa, holding small snacks set up at nibble stations round the house during casual parties."
If her email hadn't appeared as Anonymous,
 I would have immediately thanked her for that little spark!
 With several of Savannah's BFFs headed for campuses far flung, we threw a little
 pre-dorm invasion Super Hero Movie Party.
First up was fresh raspberry lemonade in stemmed glasses ala Tony Stark.
 You know...
Iron Man.
 Simple lighting with a subtle Freedom in Flight motif.
 And classic theater fare sweets at The Candy Bar.
 While guests arrived, we put out real cooked popcorn with melted butter,
and nachos with a theater style cheese sauce
(I'd like to think mine is a tad tastier than the movie house glop.)
This was all in preparation for me flipping over
 the afore mentioned centerpieces to form...
 A S'Mores Buffet!
 What's better than a delicious dessert AND fire you can play with?
 Three sterno cans were nestled in aquarium gravel for stability
and further fire resistance.
I'm known to be resistant to fire.
The usual suspects were lined up, of course,
like Murray the Marshmallow.
 Candy the Bar.
 Graham the Cracker.
 And Skinny the Stick.
Add teenagers and a fire extinguisher.
 We'll let James demonstrate.
Fine pyromaniac technique.
 A flaming success.
 Savannah prefers to just set the marshmallows on fire,
There's three flames, kids, no pushing or crowding.
 You want laughing?
 You want hysterics?
 You want pleased kids?
 You want major cool points as a Mom?
 You want open flames waved gleefully on wooden skewers?
No one really wants this.
 Simple, no hassle, a quick toss together~
and it all adds up to a new family favorite that's obviously going to get trotted out
 again and again.
Total cost if you're just making the S'More set, and you're
using all new purchases?
What else could you serve in this?


Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

How fun! You so win the Awesome Mom award! Love the comic book T-shirts too!

Michelle L. said...

Congrats on the new Rehabmobile! She is major! And the tabletop smores = one of the best party ideas evah.!

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said... had me at s'mores then add in dreamy Tony Stark. swoon!
My younger one wants an Avengers party this year so this is very timely for me.
You are brave with indoor s'mores and teenagers!

Anonymous said...

As a long-time stalker/lover of your site,(I am the same anonymous Susan that linked your deck posts to YHL), I was chuffed to bits that my suggestion/assumption about the versatility of the stands proved to be true!

That's what I love about your site-- everything is cheap and chic, your directions simple and the finished piece can easily be tweaked to fit any decorating style or purpose. Though there is much to be said about your fearlessly eclectic flair for color and DIY bling on a dime, what I also love is that your blog is one of the rare few that feels genuine.

With the sincerity and grace of a friendly neighbour whose always glad when we drop by, you welcome us into your life and introduce us to your family while dishing DIY trips, tricks and hacks under the every watchful eyes of your feline overlords without pretense. You are who you are, you like what you like without apology while allowing us to see both your triumphs and failures and for that I thank you.

Michelle @ Dream Home DIY said...

Mmmmmm, smores!!! We love them so much that we're doing them at the wedding too :)

Gotta love decor items that are also versatile!