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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Taming the Shrew

Sorry we've been a tad bit absent; just hurricane preparations in the middle of college starting.
The usual, you know?
But before I stockpiled batteries and religious candles, we managed to slip in a little more 
work on my outdoor reading nook.
Like adding some bright, tropical hues to a couple of pallets.

These are going to become a little privacy screen, separating
the two seating areas split by the fence.
They'll also be perfect for holding a vertical garden and lights.
We'll very simply take a little thick, coated garden wire...
...and tie them to the chain link, hiding it's utilitarian ugliness.

This will serve one other purpose.
It makes an excellent support for a classic market umbrella.

A little snippet of wire to secure it, and both sides now have shade.

Now, how about some side table action with plant display space?
We just need some salvaged marble counter top.
And some half blocks I've had lying around.

I know this was quick.
And humorless.
I promise something a little better tomorrow.
I just didn't want to NOT leave you with something today.
Now where are my hurricane shutters....

1 comment:

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Humorless? I didn't think about stocking up on religious candles during our tornado season!! They're on the list now!! You know I have a stack of pumpkin pallets down in my field. You've given me an idea for my second pallet project....right after I finish my first one...