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Friday, August 10, 2012

Inspiration Point: Basking in the Delrays

Yesterday was one of those days.
 One of those drive-45-minutes-to-sign-important-documents-please-
 bring-two forms-of-ID-and-a-copy-of-the-following
kind of days.
 We took extensive pictures so you'd know what boredom and drudgery is.
Just kidding.
On our way to this unnamed office in Delray, we noticed the signs 
"Pineapple Art District."
Our destination was in the middle.
So once the ink was dry, we walked past the Prius and went strolling.
Expecting very little from the day, I didn't have the camera along;
have phone, will blog.
Wanna come along?
 A wrought iron bench dripping with plants on the brick sidewalk promised 
such imagination inside
We walked under an iron arch woven with grapevines and party lights
and into the world of
 Sam started pointing out pieces that were crusted in shells, sea glass, and gems.
 Sound familiar?
 I'm getting some evil ideas.
 This absolutely wouldn't fit in the corner of my living room, 
but if you drop it off at my house, I promise I'll find a spot for it.
 Decorative bowl filler balls are pure fantasy here.
 The floral case was filled with gorgeous exotics that I could have wrangled into the
most spectacular bouquet if it wasn't our first stop on our stroll.
 I assure you, nothing my little Southern mind could concoct would come close to 
this man's work on FaceBook.
 I have the broken chunks of a vintage three tier fountain in the workshop 
awaiting transformation.
After seeing this symphony in simplicity, I was repairing it in my mind.
 If I'd seen this bare little cherub at the flea market, I doubt my imagination would have 
whirled off in this direction.
It will now.
 Crusted with every sparkling bauble you could imagine, this would send
your holiday decor spiraling out of control,
or act as a final flourish to the personal hiding space in your garden.
 Set the ton for your home with a bowl of these in the entrance,
although I foresee a bottle neck of gawkers.
You'll never move them on to the buffet.
This was by far my favorite little luxe peacock.
Do I feel a hack coming on?
Oh yes...
 The motto for this business could simply be, "Ooooooooooo, shiny!"
 I caught a price or two, and honestly, if you aren't the DIY type,
$24,95 is a reasonable tag for a little treat for yourself.
 Some are higher, but the collected embellishments are justifiably fanciful.
 Are you digging for seashells and beads yet?
 Sam forcibly dragged me out reminding me there were still other shops to see
but oh, I'll be back, mark my words!
 A few steps away is the other side of the coin.
The Beached Boat is a relaxing buffet or sorbet shades, found objects,
and sparkling glass.
I wanted either a book and a strawberry lemonade so I could sink in and settle,
or a case of Rustoleum so this cocoon could be mine.
I told Sam I needed to redecorate the entire house this weekend.
I got a good solid swat on the butt for some reason.
 He just doesn't understand that this washed color cabinet needs me.
It wants to share my life with me.
It wants to enfold and hug my collections in dust-free understated splendor.
Overstuffed, slipcovered, and sink-into-me fabulous,
this sofa is a butter shade from neutral.
Slathered in pillows that insist you take a nap, it's chosen the perfect lime wicker
side table to conveniently keep your sweet tea within reach.
A sprinkling of sand, shells, and baby sea turtles evoke the sound of lapping waves
under the glass of this coffee table.
All three children are nearly legal adults; it should be okay for me to have a
glass table again, right?
 If not, I could live easily with this curved little pedestal.
The colors in this vignette would make a great addition to the master bedroom.
You'd lose the stress of the day minutes after sinking into it.
 Now, I AM planning to paint the dining room furniture;
what better inspiration than this?
It's almost perfectly what I had in mind!
When is that happening?
Sam goes back to school next week.
 What more fitting an end than the perfect cottage bed?
Beadboard, white chenille, ball posts, and plump pillows 
are a quick ticket to Sanibel Island.
It's like an appliqued charging station.
 I. Want. This.
In my yard.
I could convince the kids to play outside.
And it's no optical illusion~
that king is taller than my 6'3" husband!
I've always wanted to dip a rook.
 The Puppetry Arts Center was nearby.
That Mae West look alike was about 5 feet tall by the way.
We aren't talking about tiny characters for a shoebox stage.
 These marionettes from Thailand caught my eye from the street and beckoned me in.
 The proprietor of the establishment even took us into the theater to show us
 a performance in progress.
 We wouldn't have gone in without her since the entrance was heavily guarded. explained the shows for children, adult shows, and even the educational visits they will pay to your school in person.
I'll bet there are some weird penalties for not paying attention.
 I was given a disapproving glare on our way out.
Come at me, bro, I've got scissors!
 A bead shop. 
You expected me to pass up a supply store?
Perish the thought since these delights were in the window
 The selection of beads, everything from plastic to precious gems,
was pretty luscious.
I love to make my own jewelry, but a class or two,
which are offered on premises, sure couldn't hurt!
 THIS is the glitziest bling of a Christmas palm tree EVA.
I had to stare. Then I needed some grounding in reality.
 Fortunately, the planners who designed this area went around the foliage.
 Our next stop was Crate and Barrel at Towncenter Mall in Boca Raton.
I'm not going to lie...I'm hacking this, period.
We did leave with a bag though, and I'll share the contents, and a recipe,
next week.
 Pottery Barn.
Hello, Lover.
The spot next to my side of the bed is boring, boring, boring,
but I think some resuscitation might be possible with a
 big statement arrangement like this one.
 What's so special about a wooden bowl of ceramic shells?
 Size matters, baby.
these are also on clearance for about $6, so you could 
definitely afford one as a little treat.
I'm still foraging for a lighting solution for the dining room.
What about something like this with remote control candles?
Of course they make them!
I'm leaning toward a version of this with canning jars...
I need help, someone stop me!
 After seeing these, I'm nearly excited for Fall.
A little brisk 75 degree Autumn weather would inspire seasonal fruits under glass,
wouldn't it?
 And I'm pretty sure I already own all of this.
 Okay, this chandelier at Macy's isn't even an option.
Sam would leave me.
The men in the family would all lose their hair.
It's too girly for me.
But for a nursery?
I need space to store stuff like this.
 Bass Pro Shop.
Ever been?
Don't pass up a chance for a visit.
In addition to boats, camping gear (which I happen to LOVE), and camouflage,
there's gourmet goodies, dishes, clothing, jewelry, and confections,
like Savannah's sugary addiction,
Gummy Sea Creatures!
And ours has THE BEST seafood and sushi restaurant attached.
This is my craving, Ikura (salmon roe) wrapped in seaweed with
 rice and topped with a raw quail egg.
A little soy and wasabi, and a pickled ginger chaser,
and baby, I'm in heaven.
Follow this up with calamari (fried squid), and you have a perfect repast.
Eventually we needed to head back to Chateau Inferno,
arriving just intime to solve the mystery of why the baby ponytail palm
has decided to grow horizontally.
Molester Kitteh has moved from humans to accosting plants.
Guest who won't be getting any of my doggie kitteh bag?


Michelle L. said...

You need to hack for sure! My favorite is those huge porcelain shells.

Dharma said...

This post is retail overload.....and proof positive that you and I should NEVER shop together. Every my mind I heard "sounds legit" :)

CassandraJ said...

Love the idea of baubles on cherubs. My non crafty wheels have been inspired to spin! Awesome.:)

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for the lovely pictures and comments about the Beached Boat co. It makes my day when customers can walk though the doors and feel relaxed and inspired! Patty

rustybucketarts said...

Thanks for this tour of shops in Delray! I loved the shots you took and your witty narrative. I think we'd have some fun together crafting!